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25 Days Ago Cancer Showed Its First Signs And Now This Teenage Girl Cannot Even Walk

"I want to go to school next week. Appa says I have a bad fever and only if my legs get better, and I start walking properly I can go. He has promised me, within 2 weeks, I can go back."

The minute Hushitha's father, Balaji, answered his phone, he broke down about his daughter's condition. As a healthy and happy 13-year-old who loves school and friends, Hushitha was prancing around during Summer until a severe pain in her legs had her bedridden 25 days ago. The parents were not prepared to know what was really affecting their daughter. She has an aggressive form of blood cancer that can only be defeated with an equally aggressive treatment.
Balaji lives near Tirupati with his wife and three daughters. His older daughters (20 and 18) are pursuing their bachelor's degree to be nutritionists. He works at a pharmacy for Rs. 7000 with which he cares for this family. This is a happy family, regardless of their financial situation. Or so it was until 25 days ago everything changed.

"She must have been feeling the pain for a few days. She only told us when it got unbearable. Hushitha could not even walk and that is when we rushed her to SIMS. From there we went to Chennai and landed up at Kanchi Kamakoti because everyone said that is the best place. We were shocked when she was diagnosed with cancer. There were NO symptoms! Nothing at all. I would have noticed. I should I have right?"
What began with pain quickly evolved into a situation where Hushitha was not even able to take a few steps, stand, climb the stairs, sit down, bend her knees or flex. As her condition deteriorated so quickly over the past few days, doctors have started her on aggressive chemotherapy. In 2 days she has improved, and her father hopes she can beat the disease.

"We have not told her the truth. The trauma would kill her. I just said she needs treatment for the legs and that she has a fever. She wants to join school next week. The way it was going, I was afraid she wouldn't have lived to see that day. Now, I hope my baby girl can do as she wills in a few weeks."

Balaji is trying to stay strong for his family. As the pharmacy job is his only source of employment he has traveled back to Tirupati to work during the week and visits his daughter on the weekends. It has been tough on the family, but they are doing their best to cope with the situation and help save Hushitha.

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