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24 Hours To Save 1-year-old Hubail Who Has Only 10% Chance Of Survival Without A Liver Transplant

“My wife and I have twin boys. The day they were born, we felt like our life was complete, and we were getting started on a new happy beginning. We never thought we would be fighting to save their lives!”
Hubail and Hilal are both 1 year and 8 months old. A few weeks ago, Hubail fell sick. He began vomiting anything he ate. Even after taking medicines, he did not show any improvement. To make things worse, Hilal began to show the same symptoms, and both their conditions got worse until they were on the hospital bed diagnosed with acute liver failure. Their mother (donor) is in the ICU, while their father is across the sea struggling to send every rupee possible to save their lives.

They seemed so healthy and suddenly they are fighting for their lives

25-year-old father, Ameer Ali landed a job as a school bus driver in UAE just 2 months ago. The family had been facing financial troubles, and with this job, he hoped to turn things around. When Sumaiyath mentioned that Hubail was sick, Ameer suggested taking him to the hospital. A local doctor prescribed medicines presuming it might be an infection and this did not help.
“Sumaiyath called me, crying, to say we might lose our boys. I could not process what I was hearing. I saw them just 2 months ago. I talked to them every day. What happened in these past few days? She told me how their vomiting did not stop, and they had to be rushed to the hospital. Tests showed that they had an acute liver failure.

A father who could afford to save only one of his sons, and is unable to be there for them

Ameer tried to come back, but he would lose their only source of income. Right when he decided to return, Hubail and Hilal’s condition deteriorated. They had to be rushed to Aster in an ambulance. After a second evaluation, Hubail and Hilal were given 10% chance of survival. They needed an immediate liver transplant.
“Hilal was weaker than Hubail. It was critical for us to act. I took loan from the company I work for, borrowed from everyone I know. My brother Faizal arranged Rs. 10 lakhs for Hilal’s transplant. It is happening today (9th Jan), Sumaiyath is the donor. We now do not have anything left to save Hubail. I cannot be there for my sons or my wife, because we need every rupee I can earn to keep our boys alive.

How you can help

Hubail was currently on the ventilator. He has been in tremendous pain and is now sedated. Ameer and Sumaiyath will lose him if they cannot fund another liver transplant in 24 hours. All they have been able to afford so far are medicines to keep him alive.

One of my sons is under the knife at this moment while the other is clinging to life with all his might. The doctor told us that crowdfunding is our only option now that we have exhausted everything else. Please, help us save Hubail! We cannot bear to think what would happen if he does not get this transplant on time.
Your contribution can help these parents save Hubail from a terrible fate.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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