How much does it cost to ride 5,000 km? | Milaap

How much does it cost to ride 5,000 km?

About SG$ 1,700 (US$1,360 or Rs. 75,000) says Siva! Siva is cycling to fund education, training and business loans on Milaap! Here are the estimates:

2 x 10 Speed Chains                                                               SGD 90 each = 180
2 x Set of Tyres (Thanks to indian roads)                            SGD 130 per set = 260
1 x Bar Tape                                                                              SGD 30   = 30
1 x BB Bearing Set                                                                   SGD 50   = 50
1 x Wheel Set Hub Over haul                                                 SGD 200  = 200

He also needs to consume 3000 Calories per 100 km he rides, totalling to 150,000 Calories! He needs to consume a equivalent of 1,500 Big Mac Meals costing around SG$ 1,000, and for more healthy options, it costs even more!

To put it in perspective, that is INR 15 per kilometre, almost as much as a taxi charges! Wow, thanks for doing this Siva!