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How a milkmaid from Gujarat is putting her through college

After meeting two industrious and enterprising women and listening to their tales, I was undoubtedly inspired. Their stories of struggle and how they had built up everything on their own was highly motivating. This small town of Wadhwan had so many such stories; so many such women who in order to stand on their own feet had worked really hard.

Vaniben Bharvad is among one such women. I finally got the chance to meet her. She has been leading the group of Shakti Mahila Mandal. And I was here to check on their progress after the members had collectively borrowed a loan of Rs. 1,12,000 for expanding their respective enterprises.

Vaniben has been involved in the traditional business of animal husbandry for 15 long years now. With her loan of Rs. 25,000 from the Milaap community of lenders, she was able to buy her third buffalo. And this undoubtedly has increased her monthly income to a huge extent. She also is the owner of two cows. And altogether she sells a total quantity of 18 liters of milk every day. She sells it a price of Rs. 50/ liter. Her expenses total upto Rs. 200 on a daily basis. Her business has grown considerably. I could clearly sense the contentment and happiness in her voice.

Vaniben is a tough woman. And she intends to expand her business further. She also stated that she doesn’t want her son to be engaged in this. She wants to provide him with the best of education and even send him to college. And looking at her current state, I am quite hopeful that she will be able to fulfill this dream of hers.

Vaniben, the owner of three buffaloes and two cows