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Petrol Pump Worker Races To Save Twin Daughters Who Were Born 3 Months Prematurely

“One of our babies is able to at least feed now, the other one still can’t digest milk. It’s heartbreaking to look at them through the window, and see them on ventilator, battling for their life, even before they get a taste of it.”

Santosh and Pramila Shukla have been married and childless for 15 years. They were finally happy that they were going to be parents after this long a wait. But things didn’t go as they had planned and instead of preparing to welcome their children, they’re at the hospital, looking at their prematurely born daughters struggling to even breathe.

Pramila's pregnancy took a terrible turn

Pramila and Santosh tried everything they could, to conceive. When they finally conceived, they thanked their stars for finally giving them what they wanted so much. They were overjoyed to learn that they were having twins. Everything was perfect until the night things fell apart for them.

Pramila was advised bed-rest by the doctors due to her weak health and late pregnancy. Santosh took good care of her and made sure she got everything she wanted. Both of them were waiting for the day their little bundles of joy would come to them. 

Pramila was in terrible pain and had to deliver urgently

When she was 6 months pregnant, Santosh took her for a routine check-up. Everything was fine in the test reports and they came back home. The same night, Pramila got a severe pain in her abdomen and started writhing in pain. They went to the hospital and to their absolute shock, the doctor asked her to undergo a C-section immediately to deliver her babies. 

It was too early for the babies. Santosh rushed her to a different hospital, hoping to save both Pramila and the twins. By then, Pramila was screaming in unbearable pain and Santosh decided to do whatever it took to help his wife. She underwent a C-section and gave birth to their premature twin daughters.

They can't even hold their babies in their arms

Due to the premature birth, both their daughters are weak and underweight. Their lungs were very underdeveloped and their treatment started right away with artificial lung maturing drugs, antibiotics, and nutrition through intravenous channels and tubes. Both their babies are in a critical state and need prolonged stay in the NICU to survive. 

Pramila is in a state of shock, which she is still recovering from. The fact that she can’t even hold her babies hurts her and she is constantly on the verge of a breakdown. Only last week, one of her twins started feeding, but the other one still can’t digest milk. The only time she got to hold her babies is when she goes to feed them. And for a first-time mother, that is a lot of trauma to go through.  

Their bleak financial condition is taking a toll on Santosh and Pramila

“We finally had babies after waiting for 15 years. It’s unbelievable that they’re fighting for their lives like this. All we want is for them to live. That’s all. If only I had enough money, I would do anything to save them.”
Santosh and Pramila are trying their best to provide their little babies with all the treatment and care they need. But the only constraint they’re facing is their bleak financial situation.

Santosh works at a petrol pump for a meagre pay and in order to fund his wife and daughters’ treatments, he has already taken heavy loans from his friends and relatives. His wife’s health is slowly stabilizing now but his daughters still need a prolonged stay in the NICU.

How you can help

To save his girls, Santosh needs your help. Only your contribution can make this happen and bring the joy of parenthood back into their lives.

Please help Santosh and Pramila save their twins. 

Supporting documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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