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Without A Transplant In The Next 24 Hours, This 8-Year-Old Won't Make it

It was like watching a candle slowly burn itself out, the light getting dimmer and dimmer. Only it was my daughter, and she was lying on a hospital bed. She was crying, holding my hand, telling me she felt strange. I kept trying to tell her it would all be okay, that I would fix everything, but... by then I’m not sure if she could hear or understand me. Eventually, she just started repeating ‘Abbu, ammi, abbu, ammi’ and then... she became unconscious.
The last thing out of my daughter’s mouth was a cry for help. 
The last thing out of mine was a lie. 

Two months ago, 8-year-old Zobiya started feeling tired and sick all the time, and then her skin and eyes started to turn yellow. Concerned, Ali and Shaziya had taken her to a government doctor, who diagnosed her with jaundice, and gave her some medicine for it. The parents had hoped that that would be the end of it, but when her condition got worse instead of improving, they knew something was very wrong. They rushed her to a big hospital as soon as they could arrange the money.

From critical to fine, and then back to critical, Zobiya's condition fluctuated dramatically 

“She had to be admitted immediately. We didn’t really understand what was happening, just that her life was in danger and she needed to be in the ICU. While Shaziya stayed with her, I kept trying to come up with more money, borrowing from here and there. This went on for a couple of weeks, and then the doctors said she was 90% cured, and that we could take her home in a few days. I had been terrified for weeks that I might lose her, so I was incredibly relieved thinking we could go home soon. But then things went wrong again.

What they thought was just jaundice was far, far, worse 

After further and more extensive testing, little Zobiya was diagnosed with Wilson’s Disease, a rare and life-threatening disorder that causes copper poisoning. In a healthy body, the liver filters out excess copper and releases it through urine. But Zobiya’s liver cannot remove the extra copper properly, and it is accumulating everywhere in her little body. This is causing fatigue, jaundice, severe body-aches. Zobiya’s mind is slowly being affected as well, as the copper poisons her brain. If she doesn’t get a new liver, this little girl will not make it. If she doesn’t get it today, then she may survive... but her mind will be gone forever.

My daughter is dying, and I can’t do anything about it  

“I read the prayers at my mosque, for a living. It fetches me a humble sum, and I always thought of myself as a humble man. But today my daughter’s life is on the line, and I need 14 lakhs to save her. I’ve tried asking anyone and everyone I know for help, and many have come forward, but the sum is just too high! So I’m turning to you now. I don’t know you personally, but believe me when I say I will pray for your health and happiness until my dying breath if you help me. Please, please, save my daughter.
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