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Severe Infection In Her Liver Will Kill This 5-Month-Old Without An Urgent Transplant

“Zaina has hardly been sleeping in the last few months. Every 20 minutes, she wakes up, crying out in pain. I hold her in my arms, sing her a lullaby but nothing can calm down my baby girl. She itches uncontrollably - her stomach is swollen and hard. My baby was not born to go through so much suffering. I want her to be happy and healthy but she is counting her days. She won’t survive unless we can afford a liver transplant at the earliest,” - Ayushi, mother. 

They celebrate her milestones in the hospital

Since her birth, Zaina has only been in pain. What the parents, Manish and Ayushi, thought to be juvenile jaundice soon turned out to be something dangerous.
“Her eyes and soon her entire body turned yellow. She was hardly eating anything and not putting on any weight. All she did was cry. When medicines couldn’t help her, doctors did tests only to find out that she needs to undergo a surgery immediately. They said she was born with blocked bile ducts that was damaging her liver.”

Zaina turned 3 months old but Manish and Ayushi couldn’t celebrate her milestones. They were tending to their baby in the hospital who was recovering from the surgery. 

Hospital visits and 10 different kinds of medicine is the only life she knows

5 months into this world and baby Zaina has only been living on medicines. The surgery didn’t better her condition - she needs to visit the hospital twice every week, sometimes even more. She vomits out the little milk she drinks. There is a way that Zaina can come out of this pain - an urgent liver transplant can save her. 

"When the doctors told me that I am a matched donor for my daughter, I was so relieved. I thought I could save my baby. But then it struck me - the transplant would cost me 16 lakhs, how will I arrange for so much? I was once again in the whirlwind of depression, this time I was sure I will lose Zaina.” 

Now you are my only hope - please help me

Manish works in a small private company in Noida. He has used all the money they have for saving their babies life so far. He has absolutely nothing left now and is dependent on your support at this crucial moment. His wife looked forward to a wonderful journey in motherhood little knowing that her baby girl would be suffering from a severe liver disease. Now they might completely lose her.
“She is fighting for her life, every little delay is making her condition more critical. Her liver is completely infected - with her father’s healthy liver she will live a better life. That’s the best gift we can give her now but we don’t have the money. We have already spent over 8 lakhs, without the help we can never afford Zaina’s transplant.”
Manish and Ayushi are looking up to you to save their baby girl's life. A small contribution from your side can save Zaina's life 

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