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They Can't Even Buy Their 6-Year-Old A Toy, They Need Your Help To Save Him From Cancer

"When we came here, strangers donated toys for him! Yugal loves playing with stuffed toys but we have never been able to afford a single stuffed animal to gift him. The hospital also helped us out with a room to stay for free. We really cannot thank everyone enough for helping us out. But even then I don't think I can save him from cancer, I can never afford the treatment. I am counting on the help of strangers, that's the only way I can save Yugal,” - Nitesh, Father of Yugal

The parents remember that day as the worst day of their life

Yugal has been battling cancer for 8 months now. In November 2018, a basic case of fever turned into cancer. Running around from Bhandara to Nagpur to Mumbai to seek affordable treatment for Yugal, has been nothing short of a nightmare for the family. Yugal has now completed 3 cycles of chemotherapy at the tender age of 5 with immense side effects. He has 5 more cycles remaining post which they are hoping for some good news. However this will cost the family a lot.  They need a lump sum amount of Rs 5 lakh over and above the lakh already spent from begging and borrowing  from their known and unknown.

Yugal’s brother Shlok (4) was unable to recognize him a few months back

“Few months back, Yugal’s full body started swelling due to the chemotherapy. From his face to his hands to his toes, every part of his body was swollen. It was painful for him to even exist. He could not sit, sleep, speak, eat or move in any way without suffering from excruciating pain. Shlok (4) would cry just looking at him because he was unable to recognize who it was! Thankfully now the swelling has vanished and our smiling kid is back!”

Yugal's parents earn solely from farming and have accustomed to live a life with only Rs 4000 a month. They have spent 1 lakh already, borrowing from friends and family and the little assets that they owned. They are unable to bear the fact that their financial problems will cost them their son's life, and they urgently need your help.

Yugal needs 5 more cycles of chemotherapy to complete his treatment, without which he will not survive. They are hoping to receive some mercy by your act of kindness to save their son.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.
Yugal needs your help, click here to save him.