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I Sold Everything, Am Neck Deep In Debt, Lost 2 Children And Am Trying To Save My Last Child

“He should be running around the house wreaking havoc. Instead, my son is always crying in pain, unable to walk or even sit. We have already lost 2 children to this disease. I do not want to lose Yazha also!
It took us years to understand a disease that seems so harmless but is actually devilish. I was afraid for Yazhvendan when he was born. We held our breath until he turned a year old. Just when we thought he was perfectly healthy, diarrhea began. Imagine if whatever your child eats or drinks comes out the other end in just a few seconds, and throughout the day he continues to poop even though he is not eating. Yazha is dying because this disease is literally draining the life out of him. He is only 3 years old, and only an intestinal transplant can save him.

We have lost two children already to a disease we did not understand

Lakshmi and I have been going through this nightmare for 6 years now. Our first child, Ezhil, was just 11 months old, when he died. We could not even process what happened; we were in shock. We did not even imagine that our second child, Rithika, would fall victim to the same disease. She had just turned 1. God took her from us.
“A mother should never see her children pass before her. I have buried two of my children without even understanding what took their lives. I was fearing for every moment of Yazhvendan’s life. When he turned 1, and he remained healthy, we took it as a sign, that God was done with us. But, just after his second birthday, we saw the pattern. We are forced to see our baby slowly dying.”

Unfortunately, this rare disease hit our third child as well

On the day of his second birthday, Yazha had severe diarrhea. Like his brother and sister, he needed hospitalization every few days. We have tried our best to save him. So many needles have hurt this little body. We finally understood what has been happening. He has primary intestinal lymphangiectasia, a rare disease (not rare for my family, I guess), in which the lymph vessels of the small intestine are enlarged. So lymphatic fluid leaks into his gut. He cannot absorb proteins.
 “His intestines cannot absorb any nutrients. His body is not getting the proteins he needs to survive. Instead, everything just comes out! With every day, my son’s condition is getting worse. His face, hands and legs get swollen sometimes. He has terrible stomach ache, and can hardly lie down without wincing. He keeps crying in pain, and the same fear sets in. This time, we want to do everything possible to save him.”

There is a cure, but it is way out of our reach

Yazha is too weak for surgery. He needs an intestinal transplant. First, he needs nutritional rehabilitation. He cannot even walk, sit or even breathe. He has been in the ICU for over a month now. We have to make him strong enough for the surgery. So he needs to be in the hospital and get nutritional treatment.
“My husband used to work as a teacher. He had to quit because of the increasing frequency of the hospital visits. Now he is not able to find another job. We do what we can for money. We have already spent over 10 lakhs. This treatment is going to cost us Rs 50 lakhs. Even someone who earns 10 times more than us cannot afford it. We need your help to save our son!”

Please help us

I sold everything I had, am neck deep in debt, lost two children and am now trying to save my third. I hope this time fate won’t be so cruel to us. I can’t imagine living without him, we have nothing to hold on but to you as our last hope. - Vel Murugan.
Your contribution can help these parents from losing another child to this terrible disease.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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