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This 14-year-old With Blood Disorder Screams To Be Left Alone Because He Cannot Tolerate The Pain

Vishal is a 14-year-old with severe aplastic anemia – which means his body does not produce enough healthy blood cells. He needs a bone-marrow transplant so his body can start making enough healthy blood cells. His father Pawan is a farmer who cannot afford treatment and they need help saving Vishal's life. 

In a month, Vishal's condition went from bad to worse

Vishal is a class 10 student and he fell sick just before his exams. He had fever for 15-20 days and then one day his nose started bleeding very badly. “Nothing we could do stopped the nosebleed. We had to take him to the hospital,” says his uncle Sirjit who is helping the family with the treatment. 

Vishal with his father Pawan and mother Rekha at the hospital

Vishal was taken to a hospital in Bhopal 21 kms from his village Dob Barkhedi. He was admitted in the hospital and ended up staying there for months. “The doctors didn't tell us what was wrong. They just told us he had to be in the hospital and undergo a lot of tests,” says his mother Rekha. 

Since then, Vishal has not gone home. He was diagnosed with aplastic anemia and the doctors all told his parents there was no cure. After taking him to different hospitals, they came to CHL CBCC Hospital in Indore and it is here that they found some hope for Vishal. If Vishal could get a bone-marrow transplant, he could get better and recover from his condition. 

“Vishal has changed a lot over the last 3 months”

Rekha describes Vishal as a shy, soft-spoken boy who is a pleasure to be around. He helped out around the house and comforted his mother when she was upset. He took care of his sister and younger brother. His personality has undergone a complete transformation in the three months of his sickness. 

Vishal has become irritable and asks to be left alone. He gets angry and doesn't eat properly or even take instructions. He is nothing like the shy kid who had a smile and kind words for everyone. “He must be in so much pain if he is behaving like this. I can't see him this way – it makes me cry. So I visit him only once a day,” Rekha says.

Months of treatment have exhausted Vishal. He is currently undergoing treatment that will prepare him for a bone-marrow transplant. His sister is 100% match and she has donated her stem cells for Vishal's treatment. With funds for the surgery, Vishal will get the transplant and be one the road to recovery. 

Money is the only reason why Vishal cannot become better

Vishal has been sick from April and his family has already spent 7.5 lakhs on his treatment. His father is a small farmer from a village who makes 5,000-8,000 per month. He has spent all his savings on the treatment and is in no position to raise Rs 15 lakhs for his son's treatment. 

How you can help

In the last few days, Vishal has suffered a lot. The only thing that can make him better is a treatment his father cannot afford. Funds raised through this fundraiser will help Pawan save his son. 

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.