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This 1-Year-Old Who Gets Painful Injections Every 2 Weeks Needs An Urgent Life-Saving Transplant

In the beginning, they were like any other family. Nagender Kumar would come back home from a long day of work to his son, Viraj. It was all he looked forward to when he was at work. Nothing could compare to the joy he felt every time he held his baby in his arms. But now as he holds baby Viraj in his arms, watching his little one smile back at him, Nagender knows that this smile would be gone in two weeks. In two weeks again, Viraj would have to go through one more round of painful injections – the only thing keeping him alive.

“I’m ready to go through any suffering, any difficulty to make sure my baby is alright. I will even work 24 hours if it means he can get the treatment that can save him from this blood disease. But no matter what I do, it’s not enough. When I come back home nowadays, I only see him in pain. It breaks my heart,”-Nagender Kumar, father.

‘We have to travel 200 km to take him to the hospital every time’

Baby Viraj was diagnosed with thalassemia, a disorder in which the body produces lower-than-normal amounts of hemoglobin in the blood, just a few days after birth. Ever since then he has been undergoing frequent blood transfusions – every two weeks to be exact. His survival is entirely dependent on these transfusions right now. Even if there is a small delay in getting them, his whole body shuts down. He becomes pale and weak, and cannot even eat food properly.

“We don’t have a hospital nearby where he can get the transfusions. The nearest one is 200 km away and in another State entirely. Every time his treatment is due, I have to borrow more than Rs 5,000 for the bus trip alone. The journey tires him and makes him bedridden for days afterward, but we can’t afford going in a private vehicle,”-Nagender Kumar.

This father has resorted to working overtime on weekends, but even that will not be enough

Nagender was already finding it difficult to balance both work and hospital trips when he decided to start working overtime recently. He had no choice – the doctors had told him clearly that the only cure for his son’s condition is a bone marrow transplant and that it costs lakhs of rupees. He has been worried ever since and has been saving up every rupee. He has even applied for PM funds and asked his relatives for help, but nothing has come so far.

“Despite working extra hours, I am only able to get an additional Rs 1,000 to my Rs 5,000 salary. My son’s transplant costs Rs 35 lakhs – how will I arrange that much money soon? Please help me,”-Nagender
With your kind help, these parents can give their son a new lease of life – one that he desperately needs

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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