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Despite Her Disability, She's Working Day And Night To Save Her Husband But It's Not Enough

Sujatha has a disability. She can't walk for long without limping, but she works on others' farms despite being in pain. She can't miss even a day of work so as to the afford basic necessities, including medicines and had to even stop accompanying Venkateshwarlu.

"He started to frequently vomit and have high fevers, but we never thought his kidneys were failing. I am doing everything possible to save him, but I am losing hope now."- Sujatha,wife

My son works on Sundays so that he could help us a little

Their son studies in a government institute and on weekends he takes up any work that pays him money so that he can support his father a little.

"Even Rs 200 matter for us right now...I want to help more but my parents don't allow me to skip studies." Venkateshwarlu's son

Painkillers led to kidney failure

In 1998, Venkateshwarlu met with a truck accident where he was severely injured. By god's grace he recovered soon and continued to work as a farmer. As farming involves a lot of physical activities,he frequently began to have back aches. To be able to work, he had to swallow painkiller which affected his kidney severely.

Venkateshwarlu was the Ginnie of the house

Before everything happened, he would try to fulfill his family's wishes working hard and loved to see smile on their faces.

"I have to come for dialysis 3 times a week, and I am unable to work due to weakness. Whatever my wife and son earn, it is spent on my medicines and treatment. I should be the one taking care of them but..."- Venkateshwarlu

"I took a bus pass and travel alone now for my dialysis, my daughter cried saying she would accompany me but I don't want her to watch me like this so I sent her away to our village"- vekateshwarlu

They sold their land and gold, they are left with nothing

Venkateshwarlu and Sujatha sold everything that had a value to survive for over 8 years and they have no other source left. Only a transplant can put an end to this family's suffering but they can't afford a 10 lakh treatment in only 2 months time.

By Saving Venkateshwarlu you will be saving 4 lives, without him the entire family will be unable to live a happy life like they did before. Only with your help Venkateshwarlu can have a kidney transplant.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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