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Security Guard Can't Save His Twins Whose Lives Were At Risk Within Seconds Of Their Birth

The doctors told me that I had only an hour to decide if I want to keep my babies in the NICU. The hospital where they were born didn’t have the facilities to care for preterm babies. They said that was their only chance at survival but the expenses of the hospital stay were too much for me to bear. It took me an hour to arrange for the money needed to start their treatment, I did everything I could. Finally, my newborns were taken away in an ambulance, their condition critical.
Naresh had no idea that just an hour delay to start treatment due to his financial distress would lead to other complications in the babies. 

The babies were born after 5 years of their marriage - but the young parents had no time for celebration

On the night of 5th March, Uma complained of a severe stomach ache. ‘I think my water is breaking’ - she said. I didn’t waste a single moment and took her to the hospital. She got admitted when it was midnight and our twins were born at 3:45am and 3:50am - with a difference of only 5 mins. I was so happy, after 5 years of marriage I would be able to hear the sounds of a baby's cackle in my house.

But Naresh and Uma had no time for celebration. Their days are spent worrying about their newborns who are fighting for their lives in the glass chambers of NICU. They are on ventilator support as they can’t breathe on their own. They need to stay there for the next 10-12 weeks.  

I might lose my job as a security guard while trying to save my babies

It’s been 10 days since my babies are born and I haven’t been able to go for work even for a day. It is doubtful that I will still have my job as the security guard of the mall. I used to make Rs 8000 a month and had some savings. That entire amount has been used up for my babies’ treatment. I also had to borrow some from my relatives and have been able to pay only 2 lakhs till now. The babies need to stay longer in the hospital and the required amount would be about 12.5 lakhs. Without help, it is impossible for a man like me to arrange for so much.

My babies will die even before they are in their mother’s arms - please help me

Uma’s health doesn’t allow her to visit her babies often and so she stays at home, pining for them, waiting for them to come home. On times she does, all she can do is shed copious tears for her twins. With no savings and no one else to help them, we are looking up to you for help.

These parents will be able to bring their newborn home if you extend a helping hand to them.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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