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She Was Told She’ll Never Have A Child, Now This Mother Struggles To Save Her Newborn Twins

They told me I will never be a mother, and after 10 long years of struggling and waiting, our twins were born one month ago. I’m a mother now, but a mother who can’t even hold or protect her newborns from the severe pain they are in. I had dreamt about their birth for years, I never imagined that I would risk losing them even before I had touched them,” – Lavanya, mother

Lavanya and Vasanth Kumar’s twin baby boys were born on March 20th and within seconds of their birth, they were taken to the NICU. It’s been 35 days of injections, tubes and pain for the newborns, and their fight isn’t over yet.

IVF was the only way they could have the family they dreamt of

Lavanya and Vasanth have been married for 10 years now. Theirs was a love marriage, and they fought for each other with their families. Once they had overcome that hurdle, they thought only the best was ahead. Although they were a happy couple, a dark cloud hovered – they were trying to have a baby, but couldn’t.

“Last year a friend of ours suggested that we get the IVF treatment. We went to many nursing homes, they all told us that it would cost us a few lakhs. We don’t have that kind of money, but it was the only way we could complete our family. We took a loan, borrowed money from friends and family, used our savings and went for IVF.” - Lavanya

Their babies were born extremely premature and underweight

During her 7th month scan, Lavanya was told that she would have to undergo an emergency c-section to deliver the twins, they couldn’t stay in any longer. Their babies were born underweight – 1kg and 800gm. Their lungs were underdeveloped and were kept on ventilator support.

It’s been 30 days since that fateful day. Their first twin is now slowly gaining weight and is off ventilator support, however, their second one still struggles to breathe on his own. They both need to stay in the NICU for longer till their stronger and healthy.

Vasanth lost his job while trying to save his twins

Vasanth started a new job at a mechanic shop three days ago. He used to work at another shop, but owing to the critical condition of his babies, he had to take nearly a month off. He had also borrowed from his employer to start his babies treatment, however, they asked him to leave since he was irregular to work.

When I needed it the most, I lost my job. Instead of being with my wife and twins, I had to struggle to look for work. With this job, I will be making Rs. 6,000 per month, but that’s not enough. I need to keep them in the NICU for at least 3 more weeks.” – Vasanth

Lavanya and Vasanth had waited 10 years to have children, and now their newborn twins are fighting for their lives in the NICU. The parents can only take them home if they get treatment for the next 3 weeks.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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