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This 8-Month-Old's Severely Damaged Liver Doesn't Let Him Breathe, Needs Urgent Liver Transplant

"I work as a domestic help to feed my children. There were days when we didn't have more than one meal but we continued to work because we were scared our children will have to starve. But now my 8-month- old Chinna is dying. Doctors say that his liver is fully damaged. My poor baby's stomach is swollen and he cannot even breathe properly. He needs a liver transplant. I am ready to donate my liver but we cannot pay for it. I scared I am going to lose him."- Rajitha, Chinna's mother

A deadly liver disease has put this 8-month-old's life at risk

Born in families with very limited means, Shekhar and Rajita were determined to overcome poverty and were working hard to give their children a better life. Despite the hardship, they were finding happiness in their children. They were very hopeful about their lives until their younger son, Chinna, was diagnosed with a severely damaged liver when he was just 3-month-old.

"We taught it was jaundice and immediately rushed him to the hospital. Seeing him gasp for air, we were told that he cannot breathe without ventilator support. We used up all our savings to afford ICU admission. Just when we thought he is out of danger, his stomach started bloating and had blood clots on his hands and stomach. We knew something was wrong with our child but not as worse as liver damage." - Rajitha.

Chinna's liver is severely damaged and will soon kill him without an urgent transplant

For the past few months, this 8-month-old baby has been fighting hard for his life. He had frequent ICU admissions as his health was constantly deteriorating. He is suffering from long biliary atresia, a condition where the common bile duct between the liver and the small intestine is blocked. He urgently needs a liver transplant and it is the only way to save little Chinna.

"It has been more than 10 days that he is admitted in the ICU and he is unable to breathe properly. My baby hardly has any milk and when he does, he immediately passes it out through motion. Shivers pass down my spine whenever I see the size of his stomach, which is constantly increasing as his liver is terribly swelling. My child has known only pain and suffering until now and the mother in me cannot bear to see him go through so much pain at this tender age." - Rajitha.

Poor parents will lose their son without immediate help

Rajiita's husband, Shekhar, is an office boy in a private company who barely earns Rs 6000 a month. Ragita works as a domestic help but had to stop going to work to take care of  Chinna. This poor couple cannot make 25 lakhs needed for the urgent liver transplant.

"Even after selling the only jewelry that we ever owned, we couldn't afford his ICU admission this time. We have borrowed a huge sum of money for his treatment. We have spent nearly 2 lakhs till now. But we will not be able to afford this treatment even if we work all our lives. - Rajitha.

Chinna and his dad before the diagnosis

How You Can Help

8-month-old Chinna is suffering from a severe liver disease which has painfully swollen his liver and put his life in danger. His mother is ready to donate a portion of her liver to save him but only lack of financial support is delaying his urgent liver transplant. With our help, she will be able to save her 8-month-old
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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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