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Auto Driver’s Daughter Can’t Even Recognise Him Due To A Severe Infection In Her Brain

“The blank look in her eyes scared me. She looked at me but didn’t know who I was. She just kept muttering to herself that she wants to go home. She wasn’t even able to keep her eyes open for long - 2 minutes and then she had lost her consciousness again. We thought we would never be able to take her home alive,” - Abdul Rahees, father of 13-year-old Suwalin.

Rahees just described what was the scariest day in their lives. Rahees and his wife, Anjum were almost on the verge of losing their daughter to a life-threatening brain infection. Now, she is in a critical state and needs to stay in the hospital for longer but these helpless parents can’t afford it.

She was vomiting every 3 hours - it didn’t seem like indigestion

Suwalin hasn’t been well the last week. She had frequent bouts of vomiting, her parents took her to the doctor and she seemed to be better for some days.
“We thought it was something she had eaten and when the medicines seemed to work, we were relieved. But last Sunday, she started vomiting every 3 hours, it just wouldn’t stop! She couldn’t even stand, she was feeling so giddy. We took her to the hospital where they admitted her immediately. They started running tests and scans and finally we got to know that Suwalin has a dangerous infection in her brain,” - Anjum, mother.

The parents spent every minute of the last few days in fear

Suwalin has been in the ICU since last Sunday. Only last evening, the doctors noticed a slight improvement in her, they shifted her to the general ward. But she is still not out of danger - she needs to stay in the hospital for longer.
“I know she needs to be in the hospital to get cured but I don’t have the money to afford the stay. I feel helpless, I feel angry but most of all, I feel afraid that I will lose my daughter,” - Rahees.

Rahees has already spent over Rs 32,000 for Suwalin’s treatment. He gathered this amount by borrowing from friends and his relatives. He has even used up all his savings. But he needs 3.5 lakhs more. 

I couldn’t even afford to pay my daughters’ school fees - affording this much is impossible for me.

Suwalin and her younger sister were not fortunate enough to continue schooling. Their father who is an auto-rickshaw driver makes about Rs 250 on a daily basis. So school has been a luxury for these kids. Being the only earning member of his family, he takes care of everything - from house rent to medicine for his sick daughter. But now he needs the money urgently to save his daughter’s life. You can help her with your generous contribution.

These parents are helpless. They are spending sleepless nights thinking that they will lose their daughter without treatment. They can't even afford to buy their daily meals, they need your help to save Suwalin 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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