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Left To Fend For Herself By Her Husband, 37-Year-Old Suryakanta Is Struggling To Beat Breast Cancer

37-year-old Suryakanta hasn't known a happy life. Her husband and her in-laws, abandoned her after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. While she underwent surgery, she has no means left to continue treatment. She is currently dependent on her mother for treatment. Her mother, a pensioner is finding it hard to manage her daughter's treatment.

A terrible diagnosis that destroyed her life

Trouble started in June when Suryakanta figured that something was wrong. She went to a doctor, who after undertaking required tests, confirmed that she has breast cancer in her right breast. She started chemotherapy but her tumour kept growing. With no more options, the doctors performed surgery removing a large portion of her breast. Suryakanta needs continued chemotherapy for one more year to ensure that she is truly cancer free.

"I am not worried about myself, but I have a small daughter who needs me by her side. My husband, who refused to pay for my treatment, has taken her away from me. She is my reason to live. I have to live long and healthy so my baby can be with her mother and live a life that is not marked by my illness. I have to be around her and make sure she has a better life than I did," said Suryakanta. 

Her Husband and In-Laws Denounced Her

Suryakanta is a housewife and has been separated from her husband for around 7 months now. The issue was paying for Suryakanta's treatment. Her husband was staggered at how expensive her treatment was getting.

Suryakanta with her daughter

"He wouldn't give me any money for my treatment. I am a housewife and have absolutely no source of income. I was dependent on him for survival but to him my life meant nothing," said Suryakanta. 

The only downside to this is the custody of her daughter. As Suryakanta has no source of income, her 7-year-daughter stays with her husband. At present, Suryakanta is staying at her mother's who is taking care of her entire treatment. Suryakanta wants to get better and make a better case for her daughter's custody.

"I'll do right by my daughter. I'll bring her home with me and make sure she gets the best upbringing. My husband cannot be trusted with her well-being. She is young and needs to be with her mother. I am fighting for her custody as soon as I am better," said Suryakanta.

How Can You Help?

Suryankata is fighting multiple fights at once. While struggling with breast cancer, she is also engaged in a court battle against her estranged husband to be with her 7-year-old daughter. Her mother's pension is the only source of income for them. Suryankanta has already spent close to Rs 2 lakhs on surgery and chemotherapy. She needs another Rs 10 lakhs more to get well. Funds raised through this fundraiser will go towards her treatment.

Supporting Documents

Specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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