6-Year-Old Dreams Of Being A Policeman But Without An Urgent Transplant He Will Not Live | Milaap
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6-Year-Old Dreams Of Being A Policeman But Without An Urgent Transplant He Will Not Live

Little Surojith loved playing around with his elder brother. Their favourite game was ‘chor - police’ (thief-policeman) - Surojith was always the cop, catching his brother, who was always the thief. Now he is suffering from chronic kidney damage. He is in constant pain and hates being in the hospital. His stomach is swollen and he often runs a high temperature.

 “He misses his brother a lot - they were best of friends. He hates staying in the hospital ward. He keeps asking me to give him all the medicines, the poor boy thinks that will cure him faster. Every morning he wakes up and asks me when he can go back home, I have no choice but to lie to him.”

Both his kidneys are damaged now and even regular dialysis can’t save Surojith. He needs a kidney transplant but there is no way that Tanushari can afford it.

I am ready to donate my kidney to my son but how will I afford it?

Surojith had a high fever just the day after Holi. Tanushari thought it was because he had caught a cold after playing with so much water in Holi. But, it was not just the fever - soon, Surojith had swelling in his face and his arms and legs.
“I was scared, that didn’t seem normal. I took him to our local hospital but they said there was nothing they could do. They suggested we took him to Chennai. I knew I had to save my son. So I wasted no time, sold whatever little gold jewellery I had and took him to Chennai. Now they are saying, he won’t live without a transplant - how will I afford that?

I promised my husband that I will bring our son back safe, I fear I won’t be able to keep the promise

Tanushari’s husband, Subrata runs a tea shop in a small village in Bardhaman, West Bengal. He makes some Rs 200-250 a day, some days not even that. Tanushari packs incense sticks and makes some extra income. But they can hardly arrange the money for Surojith’s kidney transplant that would cost them over 9 lakhs. 

“My husband is back at home taking care of our elder son. He keeps calling me, asking me about Surojith. I always try and be brave in front of Surojith but can’t hold back my tears when my husband calls. I keep telling him that we won’t be able to save him without the money. We are desperate and helpless, please help us.”  

This mother is desperate to save her son from kidney failure, she is also ready to donate her own kidney. But the cost of the treatment is a major roadblock. She needs your help to save her son 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team. 

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