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They Have Sold Their Only Piece Of Land To Save Their Son From Cancer, But It’s Not Enough

“The only thing that I pray for is to save my son’s life and not take away the only happiness my husband and I have in our life. Our life would be meaningless without our son. We are just poor people who don’t have many expectations in life. We just want our son to have a good and healthy life.” – Lelima, mother

Sukanta Khamrai (17) is the pampered son of Ranjan Khamrai and Lelima Khamrai. These parents did not have a child for many years after marriage.  After years of waiting and prayers, they were blessed with Sukanta. Now, their only son is suffering from cancer and counting his days. These parents are praying for a miracle to save their only child's life. 

Sukanta has been diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia, which is a type of cancer in the bone marrow. The doctors have informed that he needs chemotherapy and supportive medical care for the next 6 months. The treatment cost is expected to be around 10 lakhs.

Cancer has made Sukanta very weak and depressed. Until a month ago, Sukanta had been a care-free and happy teenager who loved hanging out with his friends and helping his father in work during his free time.

"All I wanted to do is study well and get a good job so that I could take care of my parents well. I never thought I would put them in such a state where they have to beg for money to save me" says Sukanta with pain in his eyes.

“A few days back, my son fell very ill with high fever and vomiting. We took him to the hospital in the village in Midnapore district, West Bengal. But none of those medications worked. We were then asked to go to the hospital in the city. First, we took him to Kolkata where after few tests; we were told that our son has cancer. I had to sell our land for less than half of its value  so that we could get some money to at least start off the treatment in Kolkata and then shift to Bangalore for further treatment. There is nothing left from that money, what will do now?" – Ranjan, father

Ranjan works as daily wager and earns around Rs 200 a day when work is available. On other days, he runs small errands in the neighborhood.  The Khamrai family now lives in the hospital premises with no money to afford a rented place. They can't even afford two meals a day. On somedays, they sleep on empty stomachs. 

These poor parents are helpless and are hoping for a miracle to save their only son. Can you be that miracle and help the Khamrais? Your contributions can save Sukanta.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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