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Widowed Mother Has Less Than 3 Days To Save Her Teenage Son From Liver Failure

“My husband suddenly died of a heart attack two years ago. Our lives changed on that day, we could barely afford meals anymore. I started working on other’s farms to support my children. I tried my best to protect my kids, especially Subhash. He’s the youngest. Now life has brought me to the same crossroads. Subhash’s liver has failed. I couldn’t save my husband, but I have a chance to save my son’s life.”– Neelavva, mother

However, Neelavva has just 3 days to save Subhash. He needs a liver transplant on Monday.

Subhash tries to stay strong for his mother

Subhash (16), a class 11 student studying commerce, watched Maruti and Neelavva struggle every step of the way growing up. He wanted to study and make a better life for himself in the city. After his father’s untimely death, he was even more determined. Now the once energetic teenager can barely sit up without his mother’s help. He is constantly in pain. He has fluid build up in his stomach because of his liver disease, which has to be drained out every 2 days.

“Subhash was the closest to his father. He was in shock after his death and didn’t speak to anyone for weeks. He is back to being like that now. Even when he’s in pain, he doesn’t say anything. He holds it all in, he thinks he has to stay strong for me.”

This helpless mother can’t arrange for 15 lakhs in 3 days

After his diagnosis one month ago, Neelavva took Subhash from their village in Belgaum to Bangalore for his treatment – this was his only chance, she was told. His condition had deteriorated in just a few weeks. She had only Rs. 2,000 with her when she went to Bangalore. She hardly made Rs. 250 per day from her work, she couldn’t save anything over the years.

I sold our 1 acre of land and borrowed from money lenders. I managed to spend 5 lakhs on his tests so far. My older son, Shivanand is a matched donor, but that’s not enough. Subhash can only get the transplant if I can afford 15 lakhs.”

His transplant has already been postponed once – he doesn't have much time left

Subhash needed the transplant last week, but Neelavva didn’t have the means to afford it. Now it can’t be postponed any longer. Neelavva stays in a dharamshala behind the hospital in Bangalore. She’s now struggling to even afford meals for herself and her children. Her husband was a tractor driver and did not have any savings either. She needs your help to save her son from liver failure.

Subhash’s condition deteriorated in just a few weeks, and now he has just 3 days to get a liver transplant. This is his only chance and your support can save him.

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