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8-Year-Old's Rapidly Growing Aggressive Brain Tumor Will Kill Him Without Urgent Treatment

"When he complained of a headache I took him to a local hospital, but it did not subside even after 2 days. Medicines could not help him. The next day when he got up, he became very disoriented; he started to mumble and he could hardly take a few steps. Before I could take him to the hospital again, he collapsed on the floor. When I picked him up and rushed to the hospital, I was only praying that I don't lose him. When doctors said he has a brain tumor, I was devastated. It has been two months since he is admitted in the hospital and every minute feels like an hour. I can hardly remember our lives before the diagnosis. That moment when he collapsed is still haunting me day and night." - Stephen, Father of 8-year-old Ebenezar.

Ebenezar's rapidly growing brain tumor left him paralyzed and he is unable to talk

8-year-old Ebenezar was an active and cheerful boy. He always stood first in both academics and sports. His parents were always brimming with pride about his success. The diagnosis came as a terrible blow to the family. He has Pontine Glioma, a group of highly aggressive brain tumors found at the base of the brain. They arise from the brain's glial tissue, the tissue made up of cells that support and protect the brain's neurons.

"They said it is difficult to do a surgery because the tumor is at the base of the brain. He was in ICU for 20 days. He was given physiotherapy and he was able to walk a few steps with support. He was given antibiotics. I thought he was recovering but he got high temperature suddenly. Scan reports revealed that the tumor has grown bigger. I feel there is no way out of this living hell. I can't imagine the pain he is going through." - Stephen.

Ebenezar needs aggressive radiotherapy to stop the tumor from growing further

Ebenezar has now started with the radiotherapy. He hardly opens his eyes and he is not able to talk. He cannot walk on his own. This rapidly growing tumor is making him weaker day by day. His parents Stephen and Salomy are devastated and they have not gone back to home even a day in the past 2 months. They are waiting every moment for him to recover but with the increasing complications and the financial challenges, it seems to be a distant dream.

"He sometimes opens his eyes and looks at us. We hold his hands and say that we are there for him but he cannot say anything back. I don't even know if he can recognize us. He has lost all movements. It is painful to see him in this condition. He has his whole life ahead of him and he is already fighting for his life. Sometimes he utters some word and we break into tears because we don't understand it anymore."-  Stephen.

Ebenezar needs a prolonged treatment to fight this dreadful tumor but his parents have nothing left with them to save their son

Stephen is working for a private company and he has not been able to go to work for the past 2 months. Within 2 weeks of the treatment, Stephen exhausted all his savings. He has spent Rs 8 lakhs so far. He had borrowed heavily from his relatives and friends. He has nothing left with him now but he has not given up. He is desperately trying all possibilities to save his son.

"He has a painful journey ahead of him but doctors have assured that if the treatment is continued he has high chances of recovery. That's my only hope, no matter what I can't give up on my son. I have literally sold everything I had and have borrowed money from everyone I knew. Now I don't know what I can do to save my son. I cannot explain the guilt I'm living with. My wife and I are going through constant struggle and trauma. When our son is battling for his life how can we even think of having food or sleeping peacefully?

How you can help

8-year-old Ebenezar suffers from a dreadful brain tumor that cannot be operated because it is in the stem of the brain. Only radiotherapy and transfusions can cure the tumor and help him live a normal life. He has lost all his movements and he is hardly able to talk. His parents have spent everything they had and have nothing left with them. His treatment costs Rs 8 lakhs. With your help, this little boy can have a chance to live his life.

Your kind contribution can save 8-year-old Ebenezar's life

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