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A Host Of Infections That Trigger Seizures Have Now Left Him Critical, His Survival Depends On PICU Treatment

Disclaimer: Some readers may find the included images to be distressing or graphic in nature. Please exercise caution while proceeding.

"His first fit occurred while he was in school on the 11th of July. I got a call from them, and they told me my son is having epileptic attacks. I couldn't comprehend what it meant and how my son, who is just 9 years old, was getting fits all of a sudden. It's been 3 months now and my son slips into a coma every now and then. I am very terrified now because he still keeps getting multiple seizures, even after being put on a ventilator." - Relisha, mother 

Constant seizures have put this little boy in a coma 

Lakshmi Narayan and Relisha's son suffers from a host of infections that have triggered his severe epileptic attacks. Things worsened when his sepsis reached his bladder, urinary tract, intestines, kidneys and the rest of his body. In the event of a seizure, he suffers from sudden cyclonic jerks and slips into a coma quite often.

He tries really hard to respond but verbally he is unable to do so. He needs a rigorous course of antibiotics and infections to bring his infection under control, before they turn fatal for him. His treatment is working but his parents' dire financial condition may force them to stop his treatment midway. They have pending bills mounting to INR 50 lakhs but still have weeks of treatment left.

His skin has started peeling off because of this sepsis

"I know my son is conscious and he is listening to us. Whenever a shiver runs down his body, I can feel his pain in my heart, and it makes me break down. I keep pacifying myself by saying all the high dosage antibiotics and injections are only for his good and will help us save my son, but at the end of the day I am a mother and it hurts me whenever he is poked with an injection. His skin has discoloured and it is peeling off because of dryness. Those wires attached all over his body keep updating us about any complication but whenever that machine starts beeping, it makes me panic so much till his seizures come under control." - Relisha, mother

He needs 3-4 weeks of PICU Care, but it is beyond his parents' reach now

Their son needs 3 to 4 more weeks in the PICU, along with antibiotics and injections. This would cost this family INR 53.4 lakhs in addition to the lakhs they have already put in. These numbers baffle Lakshmi Narayan because he is aware that for a daily wage earner like him, the only option now left would be to stop this treatment.

"I feel helpless and devastated. This serious disease is not something where I can take my son back home and come back to treat him when I have the money. Stopping his treatment would only mean that I have to take him off the ventilator and he would barely survive for more than a few minutes without it. I have sold my home and now have nothing left to continue his PICU stay." - Lakshmi Narayan, father

Multiple bacterial infections have raided his entire body

Medically, their son suffers from febrile infection related epilepsy (FIRES), urosepsis, non-convulsive status epilepticus (NSE), super-refractory status epilepticus (SRSE) and E.Coli Infection. All the above arise when epileptic attacks continue for more than 24 hours despite anesthetics and treatments and the severity of it has put this child in an extreme critical state.

If they take him off life support, his body will give up

"His body is not strong enough to handle these continuous attacks and prolonged ventilation for so long. God forbid, if we are unable to keep him in the PICU, I am afraid to even think of what can happen. I blame myself for failing miserably to protect him like a father would. I wish I could do something about it…I can't lose my son."- Lakshmi Narayan, father 

Lakshmi Narayan and Relisha's son can recover with treatment but they need your support. If they are able to continue his treatment, it will only be a matter of time that their loving boy will survive and become healthy again. 

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Identity of the child is protected in adherence to government guidelines

Patient Son of Laxmi Narayana is 9 years old, living in Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Being treated in Rainbow Children's Hospital, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Receiving treatment for Neurological Disorder

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