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After Their Father Abandoned Them, 16-Year Old Hid His Cancer From Mother And Brother To Not Burden Them

It was very early on in life when Hardik realized that his father is never coming back again in their lives. Today, he shoulders the responsibility of his mother and younger brother all by himself by working as an electrician. But, this came at the cost of him abandoning his own dreams and education.

"I still vividly remember my father walking out of the door and my mother begging him to stay for the sake of my brother and I. But he wasn't bothered and left nothing behind for us. From that day onwards, I knew I had to take the place of my father. I left my education midway and started doing whatever odd job I could find. We were managing to just feed ourselves for that day…not a penny more. Just when we were slowly building our world back up from scratch, it all crumbled once again after my younger brother was diagnosed with blood cancer." - Hardik, brother

Her husband abandoned her and the children years ago

Years ago, Archana's husband abandoned her, without any reason. Her tears ran dry hoping he would realize his mistake and come back soon, but that never happened. She single-handedly looks after both her kids and toils in the fields to provide for her family. But last year, her youngest son started experiencing bouts of discomfort.

"He was in pain and he endured a month-long fever without letting us even have a hint of it. He knew his brother and I were struggling to make ends meet. So he decided to stay quiet because he felt a visit to the doctor would burden us even more. But his body couldn't take the pain any longer and he ended up in the ICU with a severe infection. It was terrifying to know about his cancer this way. I wish he had informed us before and didn't have to go through this pain all by himself." - Archana, mother 

This 16-year old had to miss his board exams due to blood cancer

Her son was supposed to give his board exams and didn't want to miss them by any chance. But all his dreams came crashing down, when one after the other, his symptoms aggressively started showing up amid his daily chores. He would throw up blood and his blood counts would always be on the borderline. His fever would persist for months but he would hide it from everybody to not cause them any worry.

"His blood pressure was fluctuating a lot and we had to rush him into the ICU. My husband has already abandoned me and the thought of losing my son too was shredding me into pieces." - Archana, mother

(L) Hardik, the older brother

He can be cured with chemotherapy but they have no means to afford it

This has been going on and off for the past year. They arranged lakhs for his chemotherapy earlier and somehow he managed to get better. But within a week, his blood cancer relapsed and he got a severe infection because of it. It took 3 months for his condition to stabilize and continue his chemotherapy again. But now, whatever Archana and her elder son had saved for his remaining chemotherapy got exhausted in this unplanned hospitalization.

"We have to continue his chemotherapy because last week he had to be fed through a channel in his neck as he couldn't eat from his mouth. I don't remember the number of times he has been in and out of the ICU, with us almost on the verge of losing him. At this stage, we have hopes of saving him with chemotherapy but if we delay, we might not have that option. I'm unable to see my Aai and brother suffer helplessly. I just want to save my brother." - Hardik, brother 

From the very beginning, Archana has been pushing hard to give her sons better life. But today, she fights a battle where if she fails to arrange INR 5 lakhs soon she will lose her youngest son. Her son needs chemotherapy and supportive treatment to fight his acute myeloid leukemia once again, and this single mother is pinning all hopes on your generous support now.

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Patient Son of Archana is 16 years old, living in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
Being treated in Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant treatment for Bone Marrow Cancer

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