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This Father Sold His Shop But Still Can’t Save His Daughter’s Life, He Has Just 1 Week

“4 years ago they told us that she would need a transplant. We have delayed her treatment for so long because we couldn’t afford it…it is our fault that she is suffering so much. In December she became very critical and I had to sell the small stationary shop I owned to afford the treatment. But I still don’t have enough. She cries in pain and fear all day…I have just one week to save her now.” - Srinivas, father

Siri's brother can save her life 

Siri suffers from Fanconi Anemia which is a rare disease passed down through families (inherited) that mainly affects the bone marrow. It results in decreased production of all types of blood cells. This has taken a severe toll on little Siri's health. She is critical and an urgent bone marrow transplant is needed in a week.

"Siri's brother is  perfect match for the transplant. He knows what he has to go through to save his sister, he is scared but he is ready. On the other hand I am unable to do anything to save her. 20 lakhs is too much."- Srinivas

4 years of pills and injections, it became her routine

Siri was 4 when she started having pills every day for anaemia and injections every few months. She never realized it is not normal to do so. But Siri's platelets fell as low as 3000 in December and since then, Siri couldn't continue her life as she did. Now, it's not just the pills, but also platelets being infused into her body.

"It is so hard to watch her like this. She is always so scared and cries a lot whenever the transfusion happens. She doesn't know about the surgery ahead...if she does she won't be able to stay calm."- Sunita,mother

She couldn't go to school, play with her friends or didn't even have the energy to walk around in the house sometimes. Her parents tried all sources but they are losing hope with each passing day.

"She is a very intelligent child, 1st in her class. She was about to complete her 2nd grade but... " - Srinivas breaks into tears thinking about his daughter

It costs way more than what I could ever earn

"Her platelets started going down frequently and she needed platelets thrice in a month and each time it costed upto Rs 80,000. The shop was our only source of income and it was also not enough to save my girl. I am left with nothing, I don't know what to do."- Srinivas

Srinivas started teaching in a small school after selling the shop to take care of his family. But he had to leave that too as Siri's condition is very critical and he needs to take care of the medical needs at the hospital.

Help Srinivas and Sunita take their child back home and help Siri fight this life-threatening disease once and for all. Your kind contribution can save this 8-year old's life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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