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Their Son Escaped Death Just Last Year, Now He's Fighting For His Life Again

“We’re still slowly paying off the debts I took for his first transplant. Sometimes we eat only once or twice a day, but my family has been adjusting. A few months ago I couldn’t even buy chocolates for my daughter’s birthday, but she just said ‘It’s okay papa, we can get it next year. Let bhaiyya (brother) get better first.’ But now… Now he needs another transplant. I don’t know what we’re going to do. Even if my family goes hungry we will not be able to afford it. I don’t want to lose my son…” – Vishnu, father of Subham, breaking down

Young Subham was an active and happy teenager until last year, when one day he developed such a high fever that he could barely get out of bed. Vishnu and his wife Rupa took him to the closest clinic, where the doctor did a few tests and gave him some medicines for an unnaturally low count of red blood cells. But a few days went by and Subham’s condition didn’t improve at all, at which point the really worried parents took him to a much better hospital nearly 100km away. It was here that they found out that their only son’s kidneys were failing... and the only way to save his life was to get him a kidney transplant.

“I was pregnant at the time, when the doctors told us how serious his condition was and how much the surgery to save his life would cost. I was devastated. It seemed like I was getting one child and losing another…” – Rupa, mother

His sister tying him a rakhi - wishing him health and happiness

Vishnu didn’t let that happen, however, despite being only a truck driver. He went out every daybegging anyone and everyone to lend him some money for his son’s treatment. His efforts had paid off because after a while he had been able to gather enough to afford the life-saving transplant. Due to her pregnancy Rupa was immediately disqualified as a donor, but her mother was a match too so she donated her kidney and young Subham’s life was saved.


But two months later, his body started rejecting the transplant…

“Despite the financial difficulties, those two months that he was home were the happiest of my life. That feeling of getting my son back after almost losing him, I can’t even describe it. But then one day… his fever returned. After that it all happened so quickly. He became extremely weak all of a sudden and we had to re-admit him into the hospital. The doctors did their tests and said he needed another transplant. I remember sitting down as soon as I heard him say those words. And I just cried. I’ve never cried more in my whole life.” – Vishnu

Young Subham has been hospitalized ever since and is on continuous dialysis. Whatever money Vishnu is able to earn from his job goes to his son’s immediate hospital expenses. This is prolonging Subham's suffering, but Vishnu doesn’t have a choice. He cannot afford the cost of another transplantation for his son, so he has to keep him alive until some miracle happens. In this incredible time of need, this family is helpless, but you could be their helping hand. You can be their miracle.

Donate now, however much you can, and help bring Subham home once and for all.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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