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Mother Blames Herself For Not Being Able To Afford 1-year-old Daughter's Stage 4 Cancer Treatment

"I was watching the clock, as it struck 12. I realized it was my daughter's birthday. I watched her sleeping on my lap, and thanked God for keeping her alive so long. I prayed for help to come. Instead, we just heard that the treatment was not helping, and she needed a higher dose. Her cancer has now reached Stage IV. All the money we had went into my emergency surgery. There is nothing left for Shravya's treatment now." - Pushpa (mother)

3 months ago, Koteppa and Pushpa brought their daughter, Shravya, to Bangalore. She has cancer of the nerves cells, a tumor that is growing near her stomach. After several cycles of chemotherapy, the family discovered that her condition is only deteriorating. Since it has already reached Stage IV, they have only one shot at saving her. There cannot be any more delay.

Her cancer advanced by the time they got help

"We had never bought any drops for her until she turned 7 months old. She had a fever, and the local doctor gave Dolo. We have gone to the doctor so many times in just under 2 months. Her fever kept coming back. From Karwar, we went to Davangere and then Bangalore looking for help." - Pushpa

Shravya's fever was not the only symptom. She had bruises and a black eye. Her stomach had begun to bloat. At a hospital in Davangere, Shravya received treatment for a blood disease. Every time they were discharged, her condition only got worse. Finally, an MRI showed that he had a huge tumor near her stomach. Overnight, the family came to Bangalore where she was diagnosed with cancer.

Last month, this father was shuttling between two hospitals trying to keep his wife and daughter alive

Koteppa, a government school primary teacher, has not gone to work for 3 months. He sleeps in the lobby of the hospital. During the day he runs errands, buying food for his family, medicines for Shravya, and making calls to relatives back home in Karwar for help. He is not even allowed to stay with his daughter.

"Only ladies are allowed to stay in that ward. I see Shravya from outside every day and sit in the waiting hall. My wife would hold Shravya on her lap and sit all day long. Sometimes many nights, she would sleep sitting up. The stress, and tension caused a hormone imbalance. She was rushed to another hospital when she screamed out of stomach ache. Blood clotted in her uterus and she needed surgery. For days, I kept moving between the two hospitals, praying both of them survive when I'm gone." - Koteppa

Pushpa believes her baby's condition worsened because she was not around

Pushpa left the hospital against medical advice right after her surgery. Her life could still be in danger. Staying away from her sick daughter for days broke Pushpa's heart. To make things worse, Shravya was not responding to treatment. Pushpa says within a week, she could feel the difference in her baby's fragile body. Shravya had lost even the hair on her eyebrows. Her stomach and entire body were swollen.

"She is not responding. Just keeps staring around. She does not even cry if it hurts. I see the bruises and I understand where I should not touch her. Her clothes don't fit her anymore. The buttons hurt her. Her head and stomach feel so heavy." - Pushpa

Everyone they know has contributed to the treatment, and still it is not enough

"We had Rs. 95000 in savings. We spent it all. There is a government scheme that helped take care of doctor fees. A lot of our money was spent on food. Food is expensive in the city. My wife was not well, I could not let her starve. My friends and relatives collected money and gave us. Totally, I have spent over Rs. 3.5 lakhs. Now, we have only one shot at helping her, and I cannot start the high-dose chemo without money." - Koteppa

Koteppa literally begs people who approach him to help arrange funds for his daughter. Shravya needs to start high-dose chemotherapy, following which she needs a stem cell treatment, a surgery to excise the tumor, and then radiation.

She is in partial remission today, and it is best to start this course of treatment now for her to have a chance at beating it. The family 13 lakhs, without which Shravya might have to go home and succumb to cancer. Your contribution can save her.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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