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11-month-old Shivansh is deteriorating every day - only a liver transplant can save him

Shivansh is a 11-month old baby with liver damage. His condition is deteriorating every day and he needs a liver transplant at the earliest. His father Manish is from a low-income family is not able to bear the expense of the surgery. He needs urgent support saving Shivansh's life.

Baby Shivansh's parents need to put him through a lot of misery for treatment

“He is not even one and already so much blood has been taken from his small body. Every month we need to do tests and every time – we have to keep him hungry for 4-5 hours for blood tests. He cries a lot but there is nothing we can do,” explains Manish. 

Manish is not sure exactly what is the reason his son has constant jaundice, a swollen belly, weakness and weight loss. A resident of Ahmedabad, he has been running back and forth between Ahmedabad, his hometown Alwar, and New Delhi for treatment.

The doctors have diagnosed Shivansh with chronic liver disease and to live he needs an urgent liver transplant. “He is so small. When we heard he needed a transplant we were so scared, but now we don't want to lose him so we don't have choice,” Manish says. 

Instead of being a happy 11-month-old baby who is happy and full of wonder, Shivansh is in constant pain and suffering. What makes it harder for everyone is that he doesn't understand why he doesn't feel well. 

Shivansh with his parents

Shivansh needs an urgent liver transplant to live

In the 11-months of Shivansh's life, his liver is damaged beyond how much the body can heal itself. He is underweight, feverish and a difficult eater. To his parents, it is a never ending source of anxiety given that no treatment has helped him so far.  

Manish and his wife Nidhi decided to meet other parents of children who got liver transplants to see how well a child recovered. “We spoke to other parents and it was only then that we finally felt hopeful that we could do something for our child's recovery,” Manish says.

Now, Manish and Nidhi hope that through a liver transplant, their only son can get better. His 70-year-old grandmother will donate a part of her liver so her grandson can live. But the procedure requires Rs 22 lakhs, an amount that is difficult for the family to arrange. 

“Day by day, his condition is getting worse. All our savings have been spent on treatment and travel to take  him to Delhi for tests. We have to somehow manage the funds to save him,” Manish says fervently.

This 11-month-old baby needs your help to live

It is beyond Manish's means to raise the amount needed in time to get Shivansh an operation. Every day, he sees his only child deteriorate further. With your help he can save his son. Contribute now. 

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