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My 2-year-old Son Has Only 3 Months To Live If I Cannot Afford A Liver Transplant Surgery

Sanjay is 2 years old. His parents are facing the terrible-twos phase not because he is throwing tantrums like any other toddler, but because he has been given just 3 months to live. Sanjay's liver is failing and he needs a liver transplant.

The city was supposed to hold hope, but our son fell sick and we had no answers

Yakaiah Pachimatla and his wife grew up a rural village in Telangana. Their village had no provision for education, electricity, healthcare or sanitation, so when they got married 5 years ago, this couple moved to Hyderabad hoping to provide better for their children. Unfortunately, lack of education and proper identification documents forced Yakaiah into a low-income role as a personal car driver for a salary of Rs. 8500/month. 

"We have two children. Sanjay was born 2 years ago. My wife noticed that his stomach was not normal. He was falling sick very often. She used to take him to every doctor near us and they could not tell what was wrong except that he had a fever."

A search for a better answer led them to the most horrific discovery

One day, Sanjay's condition got serious. He had to be admitted to the hospital where a panel of tests revealed that he had a metabolism and growth disorder. Unsatisfied and unclear about what they heard, the parents went on a search for verification. They discovered that 2-year-old Sanjay's liver was failing and he had just 3 months to live.

"My son is 2 years old! They said you have 3 months left. If you do the transplant in these 3 months, he will live. Otherwise..."

Everything has a cost, and for these parents, the life of their son had a price tag

With whatever savings they had, and a huge loan, the parents had spent Rs. 2 lakhs on diagnosis. Furthermore, Sanjay needed medication and constant hospital visits due to which expenses kept piling up.

"I came to the city to create a better future for my son. Now, it looks like my son may not even have a future."

With your help, Sanjay can live

Yakaiah is now out of options. He is taking odd jobs to make as much money he can to pay for the surgery that will cost Rs. 16 lakhs. If they cannot come up with the funds within 3 months, Sanjay does not stand a chance.

The clock is ticking for baby Sanjay, and your contribution can help save his life.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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