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This Father Blames Himself For His 11-Year-Old's Critical Heart Condition

"For 6 long years I couldn't manage to arrange the money required for my daughter's treatment and now I have the last chance to save her. It's all because of me that her condition got this critical. I should have done something sooner, I tried, I really did but..."- Sailesh, father

Saniya was 4 years old when Sailesh got to know that she has a heart disease. He did not have any savings, no one was giving him loans and he owned no gold or land. He worked hard every day to save every rupee that he could to save his daughter. Finally when he did, Saniya went for her first operation. It was in November last year but isn't the last one she needs.

"She needs another operation and... It took 6 years for me to arrange 3 lakh rupees and I don't know how many years it will take now. I don't have that much time now, only a few months. It kills me that I am unable to save her and what kind of father am I."- Sailesh

Saniya wants to travel the world but she can't even stand on her feet without support

"She likes to go out, but it is not safe for her. It was only when we went for her treatment in Kolkata that she went out for the first time. I showed her Howrah Bridge and Victoria Memorial, she was so happy. I want her to be like that always. Now she says she wants to travel the world, but she can't even stand without support."- Sailesh

The big scar on her chest is a reminder of her pain

Saniya has lost a lot of weight, she doesn't eat anything now. She has a big scar on her chest from the previous surgery which is a reminder of all the pain she's been through till now.

"Whenever I bring her food she says ' I don't want to eat Mumma, I feel like vomiting' I tried a lot but my child is not eating. She has become so weak that she is unable to even talk to me. I feel like crying looking at her like this. What has my little girl done, it should have happened to me"- Neha, mother

My small recharge shop will never be enough

Sailesh runs a small mobile recharge shop and it is the only source of income for the family.

" I just want her to be independent and to be able do to do all the routine things that children of her age are doing. I want her to be able to play with me and her sister and ride a cycle. I just want a normal life for her"- Sailesh

Your kind contribution can save this 11-year old from heart disease that is slowly killing her You can help end her battle of almost seven years. Your help can help Sailesh give his daughter a normal life.

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