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This 4-Year-Old's Right Eye Was Removed Due To Cancer, Now It Can Take Away Her Life

The session had almost killed his daughter. Or so it felt, to Ram, father of 4 year old Sandhya. As he stood by her hospital bed, watching her fragile body recover from the high-dose chemotherapy round he had just put her through, he could only cry.

Little Sandhya needed to undergo many more of these sessions, however risky they were, because there was no other way to save her life. But this was the last session Ram could afford.

Early last year, Ram had taken little Sandhya to the doctor for a checkup because he noticed there was something in her right eye. After a quick scan and some tests, the doctors had told him that his daughter had cancer, Retinoblastoma, and that she needed chemotherapy and radiation to get rid of it.

“I was so scared, and so was my wife. I’m just a farmer, and we live in a small village. This kind of thing just… doesn’t happen there. We didn’t really understand fully what was wrong with her, only that she needed treatment, and that without treatment she could lose her life. But it was so expensive!” – Ram, father

Ram had borrowed as much money as he could from friends, family, neighbours, and everyone he knew, but it hadn’t been enough. So he started working round the clock, working all the farms in his village. Almost all the money he made he spent on her treatment, barely making ends meet at home, going hungry almost every other night. As he and his wife struggled, little Sandhya was able to keep getting chemotherapy and radiation rounds, and also the surgery where her right eye was removed.

After a year of struggle, the treatment had been successful, and little Sandhya’s cancer had gone into remission. It was the happiest moment of Ram’s life.

But now…

After a few short months of relief, little Sandhya’s cancer has relapsed. And it’s worse than before. Without immediate and aggressive action, it will kill her. And that would kill this family.

“I used to feel like a superhero. After the doctors told us her cancer was gone, every time I looked at her smiling face, I used to think of how close I had gotten to losing my daughter before I saved her. But I didn’t save her after all. I failed her, and now I'm going to lose her.” – Ram

Little Sandhya's family cannot afford another line of treatment for their precious daughter, especially not in the time frame that she needs it. You are now her only hope.

Donate, and save this family from despair.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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