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This 3-year-old Has Been Diagnosed With Brain Cancer And He Needs Immediate Help To Live

Samarth Raghavendra is 3-year-old son. He should be making me run behind him around the house. Instead, he is on the bed, diagnosed with cancer in his brain. It will spread to his spinal cord if we do not act quickly.

For 3 months, my son had been suffering from brain cancer

This started about 3 months ago. I dropped my children at their grandmother’s place for the vacation. My mother-in-law called frequently to tell us that Samarth was sick. He had a fever on and off for weeks. We brought the children back to Bangalore, and they were all fine.
It started again after a month. For a week, my son would not get off the bed. He was that weak and tired from fever. The doctor kept prescribing medicines. When it happened over 4 times, our doctor said it was best to get him admitted. I never thought he would be diagnosed with brain cancer.

He cannot even tell me where it hurts

What Samarth really has is a cancerous tumor in the medulla portion of his brain. Since the disease is spreading fast, we had to start with chemotherapy immediately. His first cycle ended on Friday (10th Nov) and he was discharged yesterday. Samarth is just 3 years old. He hardly knows what is happening around him let alone to him. The chemo is taking a toll on him. He is unable to move, and even tell us what is affecting him.
Although he is 3, Samarth can barely string words together. So far, he has only been able to say words like Appa, Amma, Akka and Papu. If my son could speak, he could explain his pain. He is unable to even express his fear most of the time. I have to watch him carefully to understand what is happening to him. We can never leave his side.

I am afraid I won’t be able to save him

For a month now, Ashwini and I have not been sleeping properly. We do not even want to think about food, friends or family. All we want is to cure our son. Samarth needs chemotherapy for 2 years followed by radiotherapy and then some more treatment. I do not know how long this journey is. We have people walking with us every step of the way whispering kind words in our ear. However, nobody is there to help us financially, and that is our main problem.

This treatment will cost more than Rs. 8 Lakhs. I have spent Rs. 5 Lakhs already by borrowing heavily and exhausting my savings. Now I am afraid I will have to stop treatment for my son because I will run out of money.

3 is too young to go through such a thing. Help me save him from this disease.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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