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What Kind Of Life Can This 2-year-old Live If She Needs Blood Transfusions Every 20 Days?

2-year-old Saanvi has been diagnosed with Thalassemia Major. This is a hereditary condition that results in the production of an abnormal form hemoglobin production, that ultimately interferes with the body's ability to make red blood cells. Simply put, this baby girl is severely anemic and needs blood transfusions to survive.

Right from when she was 3 months old, Saanvi has been taken to the hospital in Chikmagalur or Bangalore for a routine transfusion. The family watches her scamper around the house, play, sing, and talk constantly between her transfusions as if she was a healthy baby. Around 20 days from a transfusion,  Saanvi's behavior changes as if a toy needs a battery recharge.
"She is tired, sleeps through the day, loses her appetite, complains of pain, and becomes completely silent. It is alarming sometimes when she just gets sunken and sullen within minutes. We rush her back to the hospital to replenish her red blood cells. Then she gets back to normal and bounces around the room."
Mahesh (father) is a farmer in a small village near Mudigere. His wife Jyoti takes care of their children Srujan (6) and Saanvi (2), while he toils on the field. He makes less than Rs. 3000/month which covers their household expenses and Srujan's school fees. However, ever since Saanvi was diagnosed, Mahesh had to take on extra work to pay for her monthly transfusions that came up to Rs. 2500.

"She is a little girl. It is alright if these transfusions are a temporary solution. As she grows up, it would affect her very badly. We want her to study and reach for her dreams. We want her to get married and have a good life. But what if this condition and the dependability on the transfusion keeps her from everything?"
If Saanvi continues to have transfusions, it certainly keeps her alive, but the side effects include stunted growth, developmental issues, and could even lead to organ failure.
Mahesh wants the best for his daughter. He wants to see hear live a long healthy life. There is a cure for Thalassemia - a bone marrow transplant - and Mahesh needs your help to give his daughter the gift of a pain-free life.
"I don't want her growing up knowing herself as a patient. Nothing should hold her back. We have suffered enough. My kids should have a good life."
Saanvi's brother is an HLA-match. They can continue with this treatment with your support.

You will not only save Saanvi's life, but also give her one that she much deserves.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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