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In Just A Few Days The Cancerous Tumour Can Spread And Kill Her If She Doesn’t Get Help

17-year-old Rik tries to smile even in these difficult times. She has seen her mother, Monica and her father, Tapas break down completely. She wants to be strong for them. Rik has cancer but she is not ready to give up without putting up a strong fight. She wants to live a healthy cancer-free life.
“I know my parents are very upset, I am scared too. But I don’t want to show that in front of them. They say cancer kills but I am determined to fight - I will not give up this easily,” - says a determined Rik.

A small swelling on her back - that’s all there was, that’s where it all started

Rik’s 10th board exams were just over when one day she noticed a small lump on her back. Monica and Tapas took her to the local homeopathy doctor - not even in their wildest dreams had they thought that this would turn out to be cancer.

But it did. The lump on Rik’s back started growing - she couldn’t sleep on her back. 

“We were scared. But even then cancer was not what we were expecting, The tests proved us wrong. It felt as if our world went upside down - my daughter had a cancerous tumour on her back,” - Monica, mother.

The chemo is taking a toll on her body but that’s her only chance at getting cured

Rik loved going to school, she wanted to study further. She was even dreaming of getting a job one day to help her parents out. But will the growing tumour in her back allow her to live?

The answer is yes. 

Rik needs continued chemotherapy and surgery in due time to be completely rid of this cancer. But the chemo is taking a toll on her. She has loose motions, vomiting - often she doesn’t feel like eating anything.

My daughter wants to live, please help me save her

Tapas works in a welding shop, he makes just enough to take care of his family. But for the last few months, he has been very irregular at work.


“I haven’t been getting my full salary - I can’t even blame them, I hardly make it to work these days. I have to stay back to take care of Rik, take her to the hospital. Sometimes, she can’t even get up from the bed - she is so weak these days,” - Tapas, father.

Tapas needs 10.5 lakhs to continue his daughter’s treatment but he needs your help.  

Supporting Document 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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