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Her Heart Stopped Beating Once, But The Next Time It Happens She May Not Wake Up

“We were taking her to the hospital on a sunny afternoon. Suddenly, Riddhi started panting, her body changed colour…turned blue! And then she fell unconscious. For a moment, her heart stopped beating. It was the scariest.. but we also knew that this is going to keep happening unless we afford her heart surgery. ” 
– Kajal, mother

That was not the only time Riddhi lost consciousness. Her heart condition has made her suffer since birth. Riddhi hasn’t grown up like other kids. 

They had twins, but only one was healthy

When Hanumant and Kajal found out they’re having twins, they were happy and excited. They eagerly waited for their arrival. Everything seemed to fall into place for them.

“With our elder daughter and our twins, our family was complete. They learnt to walk together, said their first words together, played together. But after a year, Ridhhi started to get weaker. She was tired all the time and couldn’t even breathe..that was just the beginning of her struggle.”

Riddhi was diagnosed with Cyanotic Congenital Heart disease. Due to this disease, de-oxygenated blood, i.e. the blood cells without oxygen, are circulated throughout the body. The doctors said that only an urgent surgery could save little Riddhi’s life. Unfortunately, her parents didn’t have the amount required for the surgery. Riddhi, now 2, has been living on regular medication. But she can’t go on any longer without a surgery.

I’ve begged and borrowed but my efforts fell short

Hanumant, Riddhi’s father, is a labourer with the Municipal Corporation of Pune. He earns a meagre amount of Rs. 10000 per month and feeds a family of six with his income. With these means, he is unable to afford his daughter’s treatment.

“I’ve spent around 1 lakh with my savings and help from friends and family. Apart from this, I’ve also taken a loan for her treatment but I could not arrange the required amount. And my daughter is suffering due to this…” – Hanumant, father.

Riddhi can be cured with your help. Her parents have done everything they can, but it's not enough. You are their only hope. 
Patient Riddhi Lokhande is 2 years 5 months old, living in Mumbai, Maharashtra
Being treated by Salman in Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Receiving Heart surgery treatment for Head injury

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