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After Losing His Mother, This 28-Year-Old Dined Only At Restaurants For 2 Years And Now He Is Fighting Kidney Failure

First, our father abandoned us, then we lost our mother, now God is taking away our brother. Our life has been riddled with tragedies. Ravi is still young. He has a life to live. We don’t want to let anything ruin that for him.

Kumar, Ravi and I (Raju) are brothers. We lost our mother in 2007. With nobody to care about us, we began living a bachelor’s life. We dined out all the time as we did not know how to cook, and we could not manage with our schedule. By 2009, Ravi began to have kidney issues. Although we tried our best to take care of him, his condition has deteriorated. We will lose him if he does not get a kidney transplant.

If only we learned to cook, Ravi wouldn’t be paying this price

We live in Bangalore. The streets speckled with restaurants kept us fed, though we knew nothing could equal the comfort of home food. I remember our mother stressing on eating at home. We miss her so much. If she were here, she would have made sure Ravi was safe and healthy. We rarely cared about what we put in our body. He began complaining of stomach ache, and was diagnosed with high BP.

The doctor prescribed medicines and said he would get better if he followed a healthy lifestyle. Ravi was working for a firm that catered to educational institutions. The pressure there, and his schedule did not allow him to follow the doctor’s advice. Over the years, his health condition kept fluctuating until he ended up with kidney failure.

He needs dialysis 3 days a week

For the past 2 years, Ravi has been living with our uncle in Chennai. They have been gracious enough to take care of him. He needs dialysis 3 days a week. Kumar and I have been contributing to his medical care. It costs us between Rs. 16000 – Rs. 20000 every month. I make Rs. 20000, while Kumar makes Rs. 15000. He has a family to care for, while my income goes into my expenses and Ravi’s medical expenses.

My brother doesn’t have much time

The doctors have told us that he does not have much time left. Although the dialysis is keeping him alive, it has its own side effects. His organs will eventually be affected, and there will be nothing left to do. If we act now, get him a kidney transplant, my 28-year-old brother can live the rest of his life. He can be healthy. He can go to work. He can get married and have a family. He can fulfill his dreams.
This kidney transplant is estimated cost Rs. 8 Lakhs. There is nobody willing to help us financially, and it is the only thing that can save my elder brother. Please help us.

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