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This Mother Is A Cancer Survivor Fighting To Save Her 5-Year-Old Daughter From The Same Disease

“I know what cancer can do to the body and mind, I lived with it for 2 years. The only reason I stayed strong was for my daughter. And now, she too has cancer. I know how much pain she’s going through, I know how much she’s suffering. She’s only 5. I would go through the pain a thousand times over for her, I just don’t want her to suffer for even a minute more.” - Krishnammal, Mother.

"Amma, I will beat cancer like you did"

Baby Rakshana is familiar with the words 'cancer' and 'chemotherapy'. She has accompanied her mother many times to the hospital but she does not know the reality of it because her mother has always covered it up with her smile. For Rakshana, it started with a lump in her lower back which was found to be cancerous. She has completed 4 cycles so far, and she thinks she can go home soon. However, Rakshana's fight is far from over. Without a bone marrow transplant soon she will not make it. 

"After every injection, she innocently asks me, "Amma, has cancer gone from my body?"  It is sad that a 5-year-old even knows what this means. When I cry, she says 'I'm strong like you, amma!' Even when she's going through so much, she is my biggest strength." - Krishanammal

I feel guilty - we have spent everything we had on my treatment

Krishnammal had a cancerous tumour in her uterus. It was only 2 months ago that she was declared cancer-free. Unfortunately, they had nothing to celebrate – Govindan and Krishnammal soon found out that Rakshana too has cancer. The diagnosis was devastating and their biggest worry is that they will lose her – they have spent everything and more on Krishnammal’s treatment already, they have nothing left. Govindan is a daily wager and earns Rs. 300 per day. They need 10 lakhs to afford Rakshana’s transplant - an unimaginable amount for a daily wager.
"I feel guilty. We have spent everything on my treatment, who would have ever thought that this disease would come back into our lives again. And like this! My husband leaves for work early in the morning and comes back late at night. Sometimes, empty-handed. But we can’t go on like this, we have to find a way to afford her treatment. I can’t lose my only child." - Krishnammal.

Baby Rakshana is brave. She has made it so far because of her resilience. However, her cancer is dangerous and can progress rapidly. She needs a bone marrow transplant to survive. Krishnammal is heartbroken watching her baby suffer through this terrible disease, but she’s determined to save her. Help this mother save her only child.
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