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Man Who Fell From The Roof Of A Building Needs Help To Survive For His Family

One day 7 months ago, Rajendra Das was engaged in some plumbing work on the roof of a 30 ft building when he toppled over and fell to the ground, suffering grievous head injuries. Some bystanders rushed him to the hospital immediately and doctors were able to stabilize his condition. But he is not out of danger – he needs one more brain surgery or he will not survive. But his aged father, who doesn’t earn anymore, has nothing left with him.

My son was the first person in the family to pass 12th class. So when he said he wanted to study further, we only encouraged him as he had big dreams. But our poverty did not let him complete even the first year of BA. I stopped working as a plumber due to health issues, and he had to take over from me as we hit a point so low that we couldn’t even afford food. And now, he is fighting for his life in the hospital and I am as helpless as I felt years ago,”-Bansi Dhar Das, father.

An old photo of Rajendra with his wife

He may never be able to meet his newborn if he doesn’t recover

At the time of the incident, Rajendra’s wife Patidha was 2 months pregnant. Rajendra had been working tirelessly day and night and even overtime to earn some extra money right in time for the baby’s arrival. Being the sole breadwinner, he had not been able to save enough money before, as everything he made went into buying groceries or buying medicines for his old parents who suffered from age-related ailments. His wife gave birth recently, but Rajendra has not been able to meet his son even once.

He doesn’t even know that he has become a father – his eyes are open and he stares at you, but he doesn’t understand anything that is told to him. I try making conversation with him but he does not respond in any way. My poor son doesn’t even look like himself anymore – he has become a bag of bones and I fear that he will stay this way,”-Bansi Dhar

 ‘Nobody is even lending me money…how will I save my son?’

Rajendra and his family belong to a very remote village in Odisha, where the main mode of livelihood is still farming. Rajendra’s father Bansi Dhar used to cultivate rice even while doing plumbing works for Rs 3,000 a month. But for a long time now, the family of three – Bansi Dhar Das, his wife, Sebathi, and Rajendra’s wife Patidha has been completely dependent on Rajendra who worked as a plumber for Rs 4,000 a month. After his accident, they have been living at the mercy of kind neighbors for food and clothing. But arranging money for Rajendra’s treatment has been the main challenge.

“Knowing my health condition and financial status, nobody in the village is lending me money. My son is in a life-and-death situation and I can’t do anything but beg for your help,”- Bansi Dhar
With your kind contribution, Rajendra can recover and go back to taking care of his family who is suffering without him

Supporting document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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