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A Small Loan From You Can Help Rajalakshmi Go Global With #MakeinIndia

Around 8 years ago, Rajalakshmi was a housekeeper. Today, she leads United Self Help Group, while also taking care of a few other self help groups.

Rajalakshmi was fuelled by the need to help her husband by starting work and contributing to their monthly household income. In order to secure a better future for herself, she moved from her hometown of Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, to Bangalore. However, life hasn't always been kind to her. She struggled to find a job and her husband was the sole breadwinner for their family. She then began her career as a housekeeper. Despite the demanding nature of her job, Rajalakshmi soldiered on. Her hardworking nature was noticed by someone who worked at Industree Crafts Foundation, who recommended her to be employed. She joined Industree as a helper in the natural fibre unit. Even though she had no prior experience, she was always eager to learn.

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Rajalakshmi has been one of the most valuable assets to her group. A quick learner, she soon learnt how to stitch and was transferred to the garments unit. Her easy smile and people skills helped her secure a post as a coordinator. Rajalakshmi's job soon ensured that she was no longer dependent on her husband for their income, and that she was able to support the household with her increasing earnings.

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Today, she is the leader of the production of 4 self help groups, along with United Self Help Group. Always willing to keep learning, she had enrolled in a supervisor training course, in order to better manage the groups she was responsible for. Under her mentorship, her groups have been able to create beautiful, unique pieces of clothing and handloom products, which are retailed through brands like Mother Earth and Ikea. Milaap has been helping Rajalakshmi by enabling loans that would help her secure the machinery and resources required for making their products. While Industree had given them five machines, the demand for the products grew, and she realised they couldn't keep up with it. After coming to know of Milaap, she applied for a loan, which enabled her to buy more machines, and produce more goods on time. She says, “Now, we're tasting success. There's a feeling of great satisfaction.” Rajalakshmi has been able to place her son in a good school with the income she's earned through her hard work.

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Rajalakshmi and her group require a loan of Rs.5 lakhs for them to buy sewing machines. With your help, she can continue empowering herself and several others like her.

Milaap is working with Industree Crafts Foundation to ensure your money reaches Rajalakshmi and is utilized for the right purpose. 100% of your money will go directly to her and will be repaid to you over a period of XX months. To learn more about this model,visit: https://milaap.org/how-it-works