Wife Fears She Will Lose Her Husband And Father Of Her 3-Year-Old Daughter To Swine Flu | Milaap
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Wife Fears She Will Lose Her Husband And Father Of Her 3-Year-Old Daughter To Swine Flu

 “I know that swine flu is contagious and it is dangerous to be next to my husband's side at the moment, but I don't worry about all that. I know that he needs me and I will be there for him no matter what. However, I do worry that my daughter will lose her father if we don't arrange enough funds to continue his treatment,”-Megha, wife of Rahul Lodha

Within 7 days a normal cold became something far deadlier

After travelling for work throughout the week before, Rahul, was planning to spend last New Year’s with his family. Being a marketing executive at a manufacturing outlet in Mumbai he was always on the move and never got to spend time at home and wanted to spend quality time with his wife and kid. But unfortunately, he got sick unexpectedly. It was a bad cold at first which became a cough and finally swine flu.

“At first he didn’t want to get admitted itself as he believed it was nothing but in 7 days, his condition worsened. He collapsed and had to be taken straight to the ventilator. A diagnosis confirmed that it was swine flu and we were shocked,”-Megha

 He was unconscious for more than 55 days

Rahul had acute lung infection along with severe breathlessness. He was surviving only on ventilator support and was unconscious for more than 55 days. Despite the threat to their own lives, his family did not leave his side even for a minute. They chose to spend hours standing in the hospital room, without food or sleep, waiting for him to be alright over their own comfort. After Rahul was diagnosed with swine flu, everybody in his immediate family was also screened for the deadly disease. Unfortunately even his 3-year-old daughter Navya was found to have it, but early intervention ensured that she was fine.

“He has always been so responsible. He is such a good son – whenever we had any problem, whatever be it, he would make sure to solve it even if he had to sacrifice his own needs. He’s always made us so proud,”-Nirmal, mother, with tears in her eyes.

Despite selling all their belongings, his family can’t save him and needs your help

Rahul’s family had to sell everything they owned – including jewellery that Rahul had recently purchased with his savings for his baby girl Navya – to keep his treatment going in full swing till now. His father, Basant, who does odd jobs for a living, even gave up his savings - money that he had saved up for a rainy day to try and save his son. Relatives and friends also helped but the hospital bills have exceeded 56 lakhs now and this family has no way to keep up.

With your kind contribution, Rahul’s family can save him and take him back home healthy and happy.

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