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Only 5-Months-Old And She’s Fighting The Biggest Battle Of Her Life Against Blood Cancer

Today, Prisha turns 5-months-old. Only 5-months-old and she’s fighting a deadly form of blood cancer. As shocking as it is for you to believe, she has spent the last 17 days in the ICU, on ventilator support. Babies her age can barely turn over and Prisha is already fighting the biggest battle of her life. Like you must feel after reading this, Vijay and Sonal too were shocked, sad, angered, and most of all sacred. Their only child is in the clutches of death and they are running out of time and money.

Today, Prisha turns 5-months-old. Tomorrow, she could be no more if her parents don’t get help in time.

‘Take her home, there’s nothing we can do’ – a parent’s worst nightmare

The happiest day of Vijay’s life was when he became a father. The saddest was when he was told that his baby was too young to be saved from cancer. Vijay did what you would’ve if you were in his place – he fought for his baby girl.

“I begged them, I asked them to at least tell me if I can take her to another hospital. They told me to take her to Gurgaon, but she was losing time. Her breathing had become quick and heavy. I knew I had to make it in time, she wasn’t going to make it through this drive.” - Vijay

Baby Prisha was immediately placed on oxygen support. This was on May 21st. By May 24th she was on ventilator support. What followed was the toughest week of their lives – her liver and kidneys were affected, she had water in her lungs.

The cancer cells are multiplying at an alarming rate

Baby Prisha has to stay sedated. The doctor’s say it’s too much of pain and trauma for a baby her age to stay awake through all this. Even on ventilator support, she continues to get chemotherapy. Her cancer cells are multiplying at an alarming rate. Prisha needs to continue chemotherapy and may need a bone marrow transplant. Sadly, Vijay and Sonal have nothing left to save her.
“Look at her photo from before…that was when she was 3-months old. It was the first time we took her out. My parents said we should take her to the temple, for her good health. Just a month after that, she fell sick.”

Vijay and Sonal stay in the hospital 24/7 – ‘We are not leaving without our baby’

It’s been a difficult few weeks for these new parents. But today has been especially tough. Today is the day they realized they have nothing left to continue her treatment – no savings and no one else to borrow from.

“I work as a teacher at a vocational training institute in Dehradun. I haven’t gone to work since we’ve come here. Will I have a job to go back to? I can only hope so. The only way we can stop from completely going broke is by cutting back on her treatment, and that we can’t even imagine doing. She is our baby, we have to save her.”

Baby Prisha needs your help today

Prisha needs your help today. She can make it with timely treatment, she can go back home to the arms of her loving family. She can even have a happy, healthy childhood. But she can’t do it without you.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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