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His Parents Tried To Protect Him From The Truth, Now This Boy Knows He Will Die Without Help

When a child is diagnosed with a disease as early as 5-months-old, his survival becomes the only focus. The bright, hopeful days of childhood becomes the darkest days. Suddenly, hospital visits become their routine. Their close circle suddenly disappears and the parents who have children like them becomes their only support system.

Praneeth's parents are one among them, but contrary to their fear, Praneeth has shown extraordinary will power and his passion for science has always kept him occupied and positive. This may not be the case in the coming days as the disease is now threatening to be stronger than him.

For a long time, we kept the disease a secret

Growing up, Praneeth (8) did not understand that he was deprived of the normal life like other children. He thought that the monthly transfusions and injections are for everyone. It became a part of his life. He has not skipped it even once, because his parents knew that he cannot survive without the transfusions. But now he is beginning to understand, his friends asks him why he is taking frequent leaves. He is getting tired often, he needs more medicines now than before.

Praneeth with his parents and sister

"He feels confused and lonely sometimes. All we tell him is that he will be alright soon and he can stop transfusions. He trusts us but we do not know what will happen to him. Now he needs transfusion every 15 days. He is trying to be active but he gets tired soon," - Bhaskar

The transfusions that are saving him can also kill him

Thalassemia is a very frightening disease. One must receive blood from donors, but in doing so he receives an excess of iron through the transfusion.  People affected with Thalassemia do not die from lack of functioning blood cells, but eventually, die from other complications caused by the iron.  Praneeth's stomach has started bloating now because of the excess iron content, it is slowly damaging his liver and kidney. Transfusions have become harmful to him now and only a  bone marrow transplant can save his life.

"He is really a gifted child, despite all the tiredness and the pain, he is very passionate. He dismantles all the toys and tries to understand how it works. He gave us the strength to endure this, we have come so far, I wish we get through this phase also. If we fail, we'll lose him forever, " - Bhaskar

I struggle for every single transfusion, transplant is beyond my means

Bhaskar works in a car workshop and earns Rs 700 per day. He has been borrowing money for the transfusions all these years and he is neck deep in debts. He needs 22 lakhs for the transplant. Praneeth's sister (5) is the donor but without help he cannot get the transplant done.

"We managed all these years with the help of many people, we are thankful to them always. For one last time, please help my son, transplant is the only cure for him. " - Bhaskar

Together we can save 8-year-old Praneeth

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