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My Daughter's Liver Failed In Just 2 Days, She Is Dying In Front Of My Eyes

Two days back, she suddenly collapsed on the floor and fainted. The doctors said her liver is completely damaged and she needs a transplant soon. I did not understand anything, in just two days all of this happened! She is now screaming in pain and begging us to help her.All  we have are these coins and 200 rupees. She is dying in front of my eyes.” - Chitra, mother of 16-year-old Porkodi.

My husband fell at the doctor's feet, begging him to save our daughter

For the past 1 week, Porkodi had a stinging pain in her stomach. The young girl thought it was her usual period cramps. But she was wrong. Mani Vel and Chitra had just returned from their work that day to find their daughter bawling out in pain - she was holding her stomach, she couldn't even say a word. As they were talking, she suddenly fell on the floor and lost her consciousnesses. The local doctors gave up - only when they took her to Chennai, they found out that a liver disease is killing her. 

"We came in an ambulance to Chennai, she was screaming in pain. We gave her water but she vomited. When doctors explained her condition to us, we just stared blankly at them. Then suddenly my husband fell at the doctor's feet - 'please save her' - he was crying out loud. I tried to calm him down but I knew how helpless he must be feeling then," - Chitra. 

We haven't had a single meal since that fateful day

Mani Vel and Chitra are daily wagers who live in a remote village near Salem district. All their life they have known the simple village life, they were prepared to deal with a medical emergency of this level. Their daily wages were only just about enough for their daily need. There is no way that Mani Vel can afford a 21 lakh transplant. . His relatives and friends in the village helped with him Rs 40,000 which he has spent for the ambulance and medicines. All he has now is Rs 200.

"We have not had even one meal since she was admitted. I have only Rs 200 left of the Rs 40,000 that I had come to Chennai with. My daughter needs the liver transplant as soon as possible. If you don't help me, I will lose my daughter forever,"- Mani Vel

16-year-old Porkodi, a young and vibrant girl from a remote village had many dreams and she is the only hope for her parents. Without your help, she'll lose her life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team

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