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1-Year-Old Fell Into Boiling Hot Water, Suffered Severe Burns All Over Her Body

“Didi... Pihu fell into a bucket of hot water. She got burned all over. We’re taking her to the hospital now...”
I was 8 hours away from home when I... when I got that phonecall. I could hear Pihu wailing in the background. I didn’t think twice, I just ran to the bus depot.
My daughter’s screams of terror and pain just kept ringing in my head.

Monika is a distance-learner B.A. student, living with her son Tejas (4), and daughter Pihu (1), in a small 1 bedroom house in a quiet part of town. Every year, she has to go to Bhopal to write her final exams, leaving her children in her sister's care. It was during one such trip on Dec 27th that the unthinkable happened. Her sister had boiled some water for her bath and been waiting for it to cool, when little Pihu somehow found her way into the bathroom and fell into the scalding water.

Monika is terrified that Pihu might not survive

Little Pihu suffered second and third-degree burns on nearly 50% of her body, with the worst damage on her back and legs. Her right arm is also badly burnt, and part of her left arm as well. Thankfully, the little one was able to keep her head above the water, and avoided any burns on her face. Still, the severity of the burns is such that poor Pihu has developed a dangerous infection on top of it all. She needs 24x7 ICU care for 6 weeks or so to fully recover. Without it, she will not make it.

Baby Pihu needs urgent and expensive NICU care, but Monika cannot afford it

“So far, my family has been helping me. But how much longer can they support me like this? My Pihu needs 28 lakhs now! In one month! I cannot possibly arrange that kind of money in that kind of time-span. But without it... my Pihu...
Monika is desperate. She needs as much help as possible. Contribute now, and ensure that little Pihu survives.
Patient Pihu is 1 year 11 months old, living in Nagpur, Maharashtra
Being treated by Dr Rajan in Nelson Children Hospital, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Receiving PICU Care treatment for Severe burns

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