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This Father Struggles All Alone In A New City To Save His Daughter From Cancer

"I know how hard it is to work in the fields in this heat and take care of the house, but we have no other choice. My wife has to work day and night so that we can continue the treatment. Payal wants me to be with her all the time, she refuses to move away from me even for a minute. I tell her stories, talk about different things, try to make her smile. But I don't know till how long I can hide my tears. She is so hopeful that I'll take her back home, she does not know that we cannot afford the treatment,"- Jadumani Sahab, father. 

We moved to a town hoping to give her the best education, now it has become a distant dream

Payal's family lived in a small village in Odisha. It's such a remote village that that even if anyone wanted to study beyond standard 7, she couldn't. The school didn't have the amenities. But Payal's parents didn't think twice. They traveled to a new city to help fulfill their daughter's dreams - she wants to be a teacher.  Payal was all excited about her new school. But in few days, fate took a cruel turn, a small swelling in her neck led to the diagnosis of cancer.

"We took her to Raipur, she got better after 3 chemo cycles but in just 3 months she got lumps in her neck and it enlarged. She couldn't breathe and became extremely weak. we were told that she's beyond help but we did not give up. After visiting many hospitals, finally we took her to a hospital in Mumbai, doctors said only transplant can save her life. "

My wife skip meals and sends us few hundreds, it is not enough to save our daughter's life

These parents have traveled to different cities and different hospitals, trying to get their daughter treated. In the process, they exhausted all their savings. All they have now is few hundreds which is not enough even to buy medicines. They have spent around 2 lakhs and now they need 11 lakhs for the treatment. They need help - you can save their daughter's life. 

"My daughter is hopeful that she'll be back to her new school. Despite all the pain, she does not have any fear because she trusts me so much. She is our only strength and happiness, please help us save her," - Jadumani Sahab

Together we can save Payal and gift her a new life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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