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Single Mother Struggles To Afford One Final Surgery That Can Save Her Daughter’s Life

“Dance is the one thing she loves the most! She dances beautifully! But, every time she gives her name for dance in school, she’s rejected. The teachers know of her heart condition; Pavithra doesn’t. She gets back home feeling miserable, questioning her own abilities. She does not deserve this, heartbreak after heartbreak. It isn’t fair!” - Latha, Mother.

For Pavithra, an ever-smiling, mischievous 12-year-old, every day is a struggle. She has never led a normal life. She lost her father when she was only 15-days-old. Now, due to problems in her heart, she can’t do a lot of things that children her age do effortlessly. She doesn't know why.

She can't even carry her school bag

She can’t walk for long you know? She gasps for breath and just sits down wherever she is. She can’t carry her school bag. Climbing the stairs is a struggle again. She loves playing. But I always find her standing in a corner, just watching. She’s scared to step into crowds, big or small. Mornings are all about getting ready, and excitedly heading to school. Evenings are sad, for me at least. She comes back and goes straight to bed. She has no energy to even speak a word.”  - Latha

This surgery can save her life, but Latha can't afford it on her own

Ever since she was born, problems with her heart persisted. First, the problem was because the valve was too small. She had to have a stunt implanted even before she was 10 years old. When that was addressed, another problem cropped up. She had a hole in her heart. Pavithra has had 3 surgeries till now. However, the amount of oxygen supplied is still very low in her body. If left like this, her condition will get worse. She needs a final surgery to increase the oxygen supply.

“I don’t understand most of this. Sometimes, her tongue turns blue. I get very scared. They say her heart is unable to clean the blood. She hardly eats anything. Three surgeries till now, and she still isn’t okay. She hates hospitals. She can’t stand them. Now, to think that we have to talk her into another surgery without her knowing, I’m afraid. Why did it have to be her?” – Latha.

After her husband's death, Latha has been struggling 

Latha is a single parent struggling to raise her daughters, and give them the best she can. After her husband suddenly passed away when Pavithra was a baby, she moved to her parents' house since she couldn't afford a place of her own. She plucks flowers for a living. With the monthly income being no more than Rs. 2,500, it’s been hard on her. Pavithra’s hospital expenses have pushed her into debts many. Now she’s in desperate need of funds again; the only way to give her daughter the life she deserves.

“Without help from my parents, I couldn’t have even dreamt of coming this far. What can you do with 2000 rupees? Nowadays, I’m not getting even that. All my time goes in taking care of my daughter. Now, she needs another surgery. I don’t know whom to ask. I have borrowed from everyone I know. Without having repaid that yet, how can I ask them for more? They say my daughter will turn blue, if the heart is left like this. I don’t want that to happen. Please help me! Any contribution from you will be of great help.”  - Latha
At 12, Pavithra is not able to do what her friends can. She’s dwelling in self-doubt, for no fault of hers. This surgery is her only hope for a normal life. Your contribution can help her.


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