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This 3-year-old Boy is Battling Cancer, His Parents Cannot Afford the Treatment

3-year-old Nishan Deb is a happy and very enthusiastic little boy. Everyone believed that he would grow up to be a vibrant young man until he was diagnosed with blood cancer. Now he is battling the most dreaded disease and the terrible side effects of chemotherapy.

Nishan has undergone one cycle of chemotherapy

He was diagnosed with Cancer

Nishan Deb lives with his parents Nani Bopal and Mamti Deb and his elder sister on the outskirts of Agartala. Two months back he had high temperature and cold. He had medications but still, it prolonged for 10 days. Then he started complaining of a backache and screamed in pain day and night. He was rushed to the hospital immediately and they were given the terrible news that Nishan is diagnosed with Cancer. His parents have moved all the way to Chennai to initiate treatment for him leaving their daughter in a relative’s house.

He Suffers in Pain because of the Side effects of Chemotherapy

He underwent one cycle of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the first chemotherapy Nishan was put on had several side effects. He developed pneumonia, lung infection and it was too much pain for the little one to bear. He had to undergo 4 more cycles of chemotherapy and LP injection for the next three years to recover completely.

 Despite battling cancer Nishan has a charming smile

“No one should go through this and no parent should watch their child suffer so much. He has a special charm that anyone would fall for his smile. I don’t understand how life can be so cruel to him”

His father is not sure if he can rent a house when they go back

This painful and harrowing journey is not only for Nishab but his parents as well. They are staying in a public house behind the hospital paying a rent of Rs 750 per day. Nishab’s father works as a driver and earns Rs 7,000 per month. He had sold his house, the ancestral property he got from his father and exhausted all his savings. He is struggling to meet the ends and not even sure if he can manage to rent another house when he goes back to Agartala.

Nishab’s elder sister who is in her 8th grade is now staying with her uncle. She is so close with her brother and now she is missing her parents and her brother. Her uncle says that she hardly eats and focuses on her studies. She is crying all the day and waiting for her parents to come back with the little one.
Nishan with his parents in the hospital

“I have no words to console my wife; all she wants now is to save our son’s life. She is staying at his bedside all the time. Everyone is in a traumatic state in my family”

How can you help

Nishan’s parents have to bring him to Chennai at least 3or 4 every year until the treatment is completely over. He has to continue his treatment for the next 3 years. It adds a large amount of financial stress due to overwhelming medical expenses. He has already spent Rs 10 lakh by selling the only property he had and borrowing heavily from his family and friends. He needs Rs 10 lakhs to continue the treatment. Only your contributions can save his life.

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