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A farmer seeks your support to help his little son hear again

Little Nataraja brightened his parents world when they had totally lost hope. They lost their first baby to a miscarriage and were overwhelmed when the little one was born.
Nataraja is a 4-year-old boy from the Hosadurga taluk of the Chitradurga district of Karnataka. He is a very friendly boy who loves to play and is always eager to learn. His curious big eyes and warm smile would win your heart at once. At the first glance , one would not be able to tell that the little boy can neither hear, nor speak.

43 year-old Manjunath and 36 year-old Mamatha are very protective about their little boy. They ensure they give him all they can to make him thrive despite his own limitation as well as theirs.

Manjunath is a farmer. 

He has a 2 acre land, and earns an income only when there are rains. He hardly makes Rs. 10000 a year, but ensures little Nataraja is undergoing therapy that enables him to communicate.

"He can identify his sense organs and can point out to various parts of his face if you name them. They are also teaching him to write a little. He looks so happy and gets very excited to come show us what he learns everyday," Manjunath says proudly.
Due to his friendly nature, all the children of the locality are also very nice to him. Despite all precaution, the couple is very worried about the little one's safety. He is also very understanding and does not go too far from the house, but he cannot respond to being called out to, and needs to be nudged in order to know someone is addressing him.

Due to their age, the parents are very desperately seeking help to free him of his limitations.

They have already spent over a lakh, which is a big amount for the poor couple, who somehow borrowed from almost everyone they knew.

This Cochlear implant is the only way they can get little Nataraja to become independent.

"I have struggled all my life,  toiling on the field to feed my family, but my child should not have the same fate as mine. He must be educated and independent. We are getting old as well. We cannot think of leaving him behind, helpless."

The estimated cost of the treatment is Rs. 10,00,000. This amount is beyond what Manjunath can even dream of.

A kind step on your end can shape the future of a promising little boy.

Click here to help Nataraja live a normal life.

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