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Poor Farmer Struggles To Save His Son From Cancer But Is Failing Miserably

Nagaraja wants to study well and take care of his poor parents who work tirelessly in the fields. He understands the hardship that his parents go through to provide education to him and his two elder brothers. Unfortunately,  Nagaraja’s dream for a better future shattered with the diagnosis of his disease.

“My youngest son Nagaraja is the most pampered child in our house and is very bright child too. You can always see him with a book in hand. But now, he is fighting cancer and I just can't beleive it.” – Shankarappa, Father

This poverty seems to be a curse to me

Nagaraja (15)  has been diagnosed with Cancer, Classic Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and the only cure that can save him is way beyond Shankarappa's means. The disease can take away young Nagaraja’s life without mercy and he knows it too. Nagaraju has a pleading look in his eyes when you talk to him which silently begs you to save his life.

"I didn't earn enough and I couldn't pay the fees, so I thought I would discontinue my children's school. But then I looked at Nagaraja's determination to study and I backed off. I worked even harder to educate them but now...cancer? This poverty...this poverty seems to be a curse to me."- Shankarappa

I'm ready to work till my last breath if only it could save my son

“I want my son to live. That’s all I ask God every day. We need 5 lakhs and it’s beyond my means. Everytime, when we have to take my son to Bangalore for the chemotherapy, it costs us no less than 3000 Rupees. My entire income for the month is less than that. I beg people to lend me mttoney but no one trusts me enough to give more than a few hudreds. I don't mind working hard till my last breath to repay that money..." – Shankarappa, Father

Shankarappa is a farmer and his family lives in a village near Gulbarga district in Karnataka. Nagaraja’s mother Neelima is sick with worry over his health. The family is struggling to even eat one meal a day with all the medical expenses. Yet, their only prayer is to save Nagaraja’s life. He needs chemotherapy and radiation to beat cancer without which he will not be able to survive.

With your contributions and support, this father can save his son 's life and help him get a healthy future.

Patient Nagaraja is 15 years old, living in Bengaluru, Karnataka
Being treated by Dr.Shobha in NH Mazumdar Shaw Medical Centre, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy treatment for Classic hodgkins lymphoma

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