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Father Lost His Job While Trying To Save Baby Girl, Needs Urgent Help To Get Her Treated

“I recently lost my job. I couldn't go for work while my baby is struggling to live. She was home for only 21 days, and it’s been more than 300 days that her tiny body is still fighting hard to survive in the intensive care,” - Sriram, Nagadevasena’s father.

Baby Nagadevasena’s first experience on this earth was harrowing

During the seventh month of pregnancy, Sridevi suffered high blood pressure which posed a danger to her life. Unfortunately, she had to deliver the baby immediately. Baby Nagadevasena was born preterm. The little one weighed just 752 grams and needed life support. She was immediately admitted to the NICU. The baby struggled to breathe. She recovered only after 80 days.

“When she was born, she was very fragile. I eagerly waited for her to grow and I couldn’t ask for more when I finally got to carry her home. But after just 21 days she developed breathlessness, my husband and I rushed her to the hospital. She couldn’t breathe on her own, so they admitted her to the NICU again. Ever since that day my baby is not with me,” - Sridevi.

The little one had multiple near-death experiences 

This 10-month-old baby’s lungs aren't fully developed and this caused breathing difficulties. She can breathe only with the help of the ventilator. When she slowly recovered, she was weaned off the ventilator, but suddenly the baby’s condition became so critical that her heart was giving up on her and was given CPR to bring her back to life. After multiple episodes of life threatening events she underwent tracheostomy, where a tube is placed in windpipe allowing air to flow. She was diagnosed with chronic lung disease and can only breathe high-frequency ventilation.

“My baby is a fighter, though she is very little she fought death many times. Devasena is getting better now but she needs NICU care for another 4 weeks to fully recover. I haven’t breastfed her till now, I only dream of the day to hold my baby and feed her myself," - Sridevi.

This father lost his job and is neck-deep in debt, he can only save his baby with your help

Sriram was working in a private company and was earning enough to take care of his family. However, owing to his baby's ill health, he has exhausted all his savings and borrowed 35 lakhs to save her. He spent nearly 50 lakhs until today. Without NICU care it will be difficult for the baby to survive.

“With no job in hand I am not sure how I’ll take care of my family and pay off my debts. But more than anything I want my baby to survive this battle. She has come a long way and we cannot give up now. But I have nothing left to save her and the treatment costs 5 lakhs. My wife and I only dream of our daughter coming home, please help us,” - Sriram.

Baby Nagadevasena needs four weeks of NICU care. Without help, the parents will lose her. Your contribution can save her life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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