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Mythili's Husband Gave Up On Her When Her Lungs Began To Fail

For two years, my daughter Mythili has struggled with lung disease. She can get by one day only with medicines and one cylinder of oxygen. Her husband has given up on her getting better and left her with me. Her lungs are completely damaged and she needs new lungs to survive and I simply don't have the means to save her. 

Mythili with her mother Nagamma

No matter what we did, her condition simply didn't improve

My daughter wasn't always like this. She was the bold girl who travelled one hour to go to college in Visakhapatnam every day. She worked very hard and became a civil engineer. She was healthy, plump and very beautiful. I borrowed money to get her married to a boy that we all knew for years. He lived close to our home too.

The trouble started just a few months after their marriage. Mythili started getting very tired. She would have fever and vomitting. Her husband is a nice boy, especially in the beginning – he took her to the hospital every time she was sick. The doctor even used to make fun of them – he teased them that they were so worried only because they were newly married.

Mythili's wedding was perhaps the last happy occasion for the family

They were married in February 2015, and by October Mythili was very sick. I got a call from my son-in-law telling me that Mythili was so tired that she was crying. Since visiting hospitals in Vishakapatnam wasn't helping, we decided to go to Vellore. My son-in-law had heard that treatment was cheap there.

That was when the doctors was finally able to tell us that the problem was in her lungs. He told us that she would never recover. Her lungs were scarred and damaged and she had to manage her condition with drugs for the rest of her life. Things would only get worse.

Mythili now needs constant oxygen support to survive

Her husband's abandonment has hurt Mythili more than her illness

I think it was at that time that Mythili's life started to change. Once he got to know that she would not get better, her husband's family started to single her out. They kept her away – maybe scared they would catch the disease. They would come leave her with me. Mythili had to fight her husband to take her back.

Over the next one year, Mythili's health deteriorated as did her marriage. Her husband's family even tried to file a police case against us to keep her away. They suspected we foisted off a sick girl on them. Even her husband finally asked her to leave. More than the pain of her own struggling, this slow rejection hurt Mythili so much more.

Mythili taking a trip with her cousins before she became sick

Mythili became dull and depressed. Her health rapidly got worse. She needed to be hospitalised more often. About 6 months back, the doctors asked us to arrange for a lung transplant to save her. It is not a small operation – it is not something I, an uneducated single mother can arrange no matter how much I beg people.

Times were very different when I was growing up. I was married off at 17 to a much older man that I barely knew. He was from a village, and he fought a lot. I lived with it, but after I had two children, I knew I didn't want to bring up my children in that house. I came back to my parents' house with them. They were just as relieved that I was safely back home.

Nagamma is determined to save Mythili

Now, my parents, who saw me through my difficulties, are no more. My two brothers have done everything they could to help me with Mythili's treatment. They have helped, but no one in my family is rich. We have managed to spend over Rs 15 lakhs on her treatment on our own.

To save Mythili, we need at least  Rs 30 lakhs. I have no idea how I will arrange this much on my own. Managing day-today treatment is only getting difficult. Mythili's older brother earns less than Rs 10,000 and every month, we need more than twice that amount to keep her alive.

Mythili is a shadow of her happy, optimistic self

My daughter is quiet and dull. She is cries about what happened to her. In times when it really hurts, she even calls her husband but he is barely civil. Right now, her deepest wish is to get better and show everyone that she is not a victim.

She can't take off the oxygen and the machine will get spoilt with the constant use. The day that happens, will be the day that all our hopes will die. I have borrowed lakhs of rupees from my relatives, begging them for help. How will I save my daughter that I have brought up with so much live?

Please help me save my daughter.

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